$1 Street Food Around The World


From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world – POV style!


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Source: https://hugochamber.org
Read more all post Foods : https://hugochamber.org/foods/
  1. Arnau Torres says

    Kaxap mastard? The hot dog guy tho hahaha

  2. Arnau Torres says

    Porro…."porro" in spain is a joint??, the food that she was trying was "porra"

  3. Amazing Decorations says

    Indian food is more in quantity ,China too

  4. Yeoj Lemuel GJ says

    I would like to see Philippines please

  5. Mico Dacillo says

    wow! the money from Mexico is like the same here on the Philippines. the color,texture but the sizes are different. and same as Peso bills on PH

  6. Supremo Yuuji says

    Miss the old days where there is no covid

  7. Knino 07 says

    In Andalusia is a different thing is like a Porra but little

  8. skyaimgaming says

    The 1st person is a glizzy gobbler

  9. Vihaan Jain says

    Agar tum ek suchen indian ho to like karo

  10. Dan gaming 124 says

    No Philippines

  11. JB Lopez says

    Philipines nextt

  12. Maya Matfei says

    My Dog is sooooooooooo cute i just got my puppy today and its name is Milo and its a choclate Lab BY the way The choclate Lab Milo costs 12.99 dollors

  13. Random Person says

    Wait a min I didnt know Mexican have the same money name as Philippines

  14. KhEnRaB TuToRiL Aa says

    Please do bhutan ??

  15. Jagoda Michalak says

    4:48 Why be did it which hands? ?

  16. Marco Schrader says

    I remember having a hot dog at a street with my family having hot dogs i almost done with my hot dog it was big and i have to give my hot dig to my brother to finish it and the place as at the middle of texas and i had like a lot of toping on it

  17. Abdul Razzaq says

    Pakistan please

  18. Aiden Thao says

    Idk why but this was pretty entertaining, make more!

  19. Will Blondo says


  20. Azadar Abbas says


  21. jsse says

    we just not gonna talk about snags in Australia? They are 3 AUD and are th best thing ever

  22. 레고맨 says

    I want korean food

  23. Taher Ahmed says

    Y have I wached this 100 times

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