1. Nick Robinson says

    On my last two videos, I noticed people in the comments kept asking me to post the raw Tetris Effect gameplay I captured at E3. Here's that!(PS: right click on the video and click 'loop' if you just wanna play it endlessly in the background)

  2. Leo Ciresi says

    Taking a page from Child of Eden……..

  3. MD The Gamer says

    1:06 Ouch

  4. ReverendSyn says

    None of the catchy Russian style music from the original?DAMMIT! YOU PEOPLE HAD JUST ONE JOB!!!

  5. Hicertman2 Dancan says

    I would play this game but its 2GB. I know there too much file required so the gameplay is perfect as its to be but im still sad that it has to be reaching the gigabyte. :-[

  6. Amber Donaldson says


  7. Red Shell says

    And people say you can't improve on perfection.

  8. XDavid777 says

    I hope this game comes to the switch at some point

  9. horho goond says

    Are there any tetris game that have like so you can just play at one level without getting hard

  10. Geo Vanny says

    the way you play is killing me slowly

  11. Jason Rodriguez says

    When will Switch get Tetris Effect? Or atleast a theme that has the Tetris effect style.

  12. Jim G says

    The common mistake tetris players make is forgetting that no matter how badly you screwed up you can always fix it.

  13. nomaru ato says

    God this game is so beautiful

  14. Zaíxen says

    for like the first 10 secs i was like, "is that the background music, it sounds lit" and when i look at the screen i find out its just the player moving around.

  15. អេកូ Zero One says

    Beautiful… So Beautiful

  16. Jim Hoyt says

    oh wow, they changed the lyrics of the second song in the final version. who knew.

  17. J-Red says

    Imagine making the same game but creating a whole new experience.

  18. Deadman Joe says

    The first 2 minutes gave me some serious PS2 menu nostalgia.

  19. SlyHikari03 says

    This feels like if Bjork made Tetris.

  20. abhas says

    its hurt to watch those mistakes turn

  21. ThanosIsUgly [GD] says

    this game legitimately makes me feel one with the universe.

  22. Jackson Muszynski says

    Dang, this is basically Tetris with RTX infused with magic that'd come out of the tip of gandalf's staff. This is so fucking cool. Good thing I got a 144hz monitor, good headphones and a mediocre gpu because I'm buying this sucker on Epic Games.

  23. fivezeroniner says

    The tetris game that makes me cry. of happiness

  24. Mauricio Perez says


  25. Mauricio Perez says


  26. Concerned Citizen says

    Wait what, are we talking bout the same game? Im looking at someone playing Tetris with background effects and music?

  27. xcmon3yx777 says

    pretty dumb move not to have MP in this game

  28. Tetsujinhanmaa says

    Was this made by the same guys that did Child of Edan and Rez?

  29. Rashaad Dzar Ghallabee says

    This is so satisfying

  30. Luminous says

    I listen to this everyday, it helps me sleep early

  31. Courier6_5 says

    God you are dog

  32. Squishy says

    My four stages of playing any tetris game:1. First 4 levels: chill. Get a few tetris here and there.2. 5th level a slight bit of panic, but doable.3. levels 6 and up: OH SHIIII–4. Misplace a single block and then give up.

  33. Alpha Werewolf says

    I probably can't play this anymore as my kenophobia has gotten worse. I loved this game as well 😕Not sure if is kenophobia II jusr dont like space being sucked in and stuff

  34. c a m says

    im so tempted to do acid and play this

  35. Tilen The Boi says

    cant wait to get my vr and play this

  36. Sam Mitchell says

    how fucked would it be if tetris was real?

  37. Goyim United says


  38. Pigeon Beans says

    Tetris 99 or Tetris Effect

  39. Extech says

    1:07 it hurt so much :c

  40. Devendra Singh says

    Awww, thrilling the best one I have ever seen. Hope this effect could be coded on js.

  41. Joe Dirte says

    Best Tetris game I’ve ever played. Drugs not required but recommended

  42. ツZuʟғᴀнмιAzκᴀ says

    An 8 Bit game, now in Unreal Engine 4. How amazing…

  43. N K says

    this video put a smile on my face

  44. Elias Khoury says

    sos malisimo capo, espero que te dediques a otra cosa, solo pude ver 2 minutos de tu video para darme cuenta de que te tenes q dedicar al cs, salu2

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