10 Surprising Cleaning Hacks to Help You Healthy and Happy! Life Hacks and DIYs by Blossom


Spring cleaning around the corner? Check out these 10 surprising cleaning hacks to help you stay healthy and happy! For more life hacks and DIYs subscribe to Blossom!

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  1. Ka Boom says

    reported your channel and vids

  2. Kasia Dolecka says

    Mamo gdzie moja cola??A umyłam nią kibel XD😂😂

  3. mukesh Patel says

    I thought u are cleaning ur home for diwali. 😂😂

  4. Rokeya Shahid says

    8:50 Is anyone gonna eat those celery,????😋😋

  5. Rokeya Shahid says

    I always watch these videos to fall asleep and maybe……… maybe learn a thing or two.

  6. Catrin Parry says


  7. A Random User says

    This video is absolute bs. None of the "hacks" will work for coronavirus.

  8. SpaceChicken says

    I would be curious about the explanation. Why did a ketchup create a stain from a sink? Why is celery stalk and boiled water likely to ease dirt? Maybe plain water would have been enough?
    Are the combination of potatoes and salt sure to remove the dirt that has fallen there? Is the sponge and salt combination not good?

  9. Elizobet Con says

    Я одна русская?

  10. CandyApple says

    Vinegar cannot kill viruses because it’s a very weak acid

  11. Chicken says

    Scared of the coronavirus? Looking at videos to try and avoid it? Well why the hell are you here? Go out and find some actual content about it and not this bs.

  12. Enya Alahakoon says

    6:41 blossom you guys are psychos you can literally slide that key in and out like nothing perfectly

  13. ChemDamned says

    This channel should get mass reported and taken down

  14. Maria Osorio says

    Ah, yes pots love sprite👍

  15. fox wright says

    This is more misleading then the U.S.A president .

  16. Nuraikaa _ says

    2:28 Netflix😅😅

  17. manos creativas says

    8:04 its fail 😡me suscribí solo porque una chica me da risa9:48 eeeewwww

  18. keisha aulia says

    I admit some of these are satisfying, but a lot of them are fake and can be dangerous, so please don't do that

  19. Tommy1262 says

    How can water and vinegar disinfect your phones? Don't do any of those lifehacks. And on the beggining of video, why would u clean the toilet with same brush as u brush teeth.

  20. Paige Tang says

    If y’all can cancel a woman for not showing her tits can we please cancel a major corporation for putting peoples lives in danger.

  21. Sabariah Said says

    Hand sanitizer is very fake you need alcohol 99% to make hand sanitizer or buy hand sanitizer

  22. Ericson Rupa says

    Mom why all of our food stock such as lemon, soda, mayonnaise etc. Gone?Mom: Oh I used it to clean our house.

  23. محمد الاسمر says


  24. Usha Morrison Channel says

    Absolut on my glasses. I'm damned fancy. 👓

  25. bunny city sprint\ Buní Studios says

    Blossom is a content farm creating fake and misleading content, I highly advise that you don’t follow any of the “hacks” that are shown in this video, all the hacks are not affective to the coronavirus pandemic. Want to find actual safety tips is to follow the CDC and WHO.

  26. Shutup luv says

    GUYS! 🚫DO NOT DO THESE HACKS🚫 IT IS MISLEADING AND IT WONT WORK (Sorry for caps oof) So yea, pls dont do it 😐🙅

  27. Zen Kimura says

    this is fake!! to al the peaple that liked this and beleave this is real, all this info i fake, and if you try please dont think it will work.to the peaple that still think it is real: how do you think this is real, dispite all of the comments…(ps if you do you mite nead to talk to the doctor)

  28. Diane Small says

    Fake as hell.

  29. Eboni Love says

    Guess theyre trying to bring in some of that sweet sweet "COVID panic" revenue.

  30. Ana Lucerodri says

    Creen que le voy a poner mayonesa a mis muebles no no no están muy equivocados

  31. Alex Gaming Wolf says

    Uh Blossom you know some people’s lives are at risk and your like “This is perfect we can make money off people using ineffective hacks!”

  32. Aka says

    This is false! Least add enough alcohol if u r doing it! Dont spread false info. Do u even care about ur viewers cuz I bet a majority r kids? These r misleading and just..omg,,stop it!

  33. Jimena Rivera says

    3:40 oh yea I'll jus spread mayo on my counter cuz I want a smelly gross counter that you should probably throw away…like NO! No, no one's going to put nasty mayo on their counter I hope you weren't expecting that tho…did blossom EXPECT that we were actually going to do it!?

  34. Brompton Device 76 says

    If people just put the chod bin lid down when they flush there wouldn't be a problem. Why do they think there is a lid? To hang their jacket over while they dump?

  35. Marisa HokeFazi says

    White font is irritating. They should make it black where one could actually read it the first time.

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