10 Video Games That REWARDED You For Being An Idiot


When losing was the only way to win.

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  1. HHog says

    10:55 "He should have been smarter and cut you down in your prime"Your prime is how you fight him as. He should have cut you down BEFORE your prime.

  2. Bennion Sykes says

    He used to have one per list, now he seems to end every episode with a feel good statement. Nice

  3. Dustin Foreman says

    Ok so what do I get if I beat Pokemon x or y with only my starting Pokemon ?

  4. prince devitt says

    Hands monster an acme box of chocolate.

  5. killwalker 2019 says

    character in the thumbnail….looks kinda like Chris Jericho Circa 2005

  6. N4m4ste says

    Pagan Min for life

  7. Megatron113 says

    The Far Cry 4 entry was found by a Canadian.

  8. M.T.F guard says

    I found out when I was too busy yanking out a broken tooth that I accidentally broke because I tripped over one of my dogs and busted it off of the bed post 😂For far cry 4

  9. Steve The Turret says

    Please do list of times being stupid/ugly/weak/clumsy was useful. Like some ugly mutants and ghouls in Fallout Tactics lower enemy accuracy.

  10. LadyPhantomOfMusic says

    Number 6, omg, my mom did that, it was her sister and her sister's friends who were trying everything. But my mom tried it to be silly and say hands, and sure enough. She has told me this story a few times. I love its on here.

  11. Tails Clock says

    Why would you make your number 1 on this list be the most notably unfitting entry?

  12. MrDude88 says

    Wasn’t there a list about games that rewards you for having patience? I swear a lot of these games were in the same list.

  13. RedTailedFox #551 says

    If I wanna turn off my brain I just smoke weed

  14. internet Campbell says

    That skyrim one they picked is not stupid at all. side quests is one of the things that made skyrim fun.

  15. Goop Dad says

    Nice Fennekin name.

  16. prescription says

    Adding to the fallout segment. In fallout 4 there’s a perk that rewards you with experience point bonuses for having a low intelligence. And the lower your intelligence is, you’ll get the bonus more often. The perk is called Idiot Savant.

  17. Burntmic says

    One game i can think of for this list is blood borne and getting killed by a Snatcher and getting to a latter level of the game, this lets you get a npc that would otherwise be killed and lets you face a boss earlier then you expect you you can then go talk to the gunman in old yarhnam

  18. kalle karlsson says

    Sometimes I visit Whatculture Gaming only to hear Jules sweet voice again

  19. Andreas Otto Hansen says

    In Far Cry 4's defense, both FC2 and FC3's plots would have ended better had the player character never gotten involved, FC4 just picks it as a theme. Hell, that is part of FC5 too.

  20. Grilled Spaghetti says

    Luigi's Mansion is a masterpiece.

  21. str8ballinonyou says

    Outer worlds gives you gag ending/additional dialogue for having lower intelligence.

  22. Xannolc says

    Yup.. In skyrim I maxed out almost every skill, crafted the best gear with enchantments, explored every single point on the map that wasn't story locked, got every available shout and did every side quest all before meeting the Greybeards. I quit playing right after meeting them because damn I was exhausted.. That was 8 years ago, I still have my save "in case I want to see the plot one day"

  23. Andrew Mckenna says

    Far cry 5 also has a similar beginning if you refuse to handcuff Joseph Seed, you all leave disappointed and the credits roll.

  24. Hippo Gaming says

    Wait there was a main quest in Skyrim

  25. Max Allen says

    I mean in far cry 4 it doesnt reward you for being an idiot. I like to think that the secret ending is the cannon ending because that is what any normal person would do. Just sit and be polite.

  26. Dieter Feldkamp says

    Theres another secret level in Crash Bandicoot in the second motorbike Level. If you Hit a roadsign with an Alien on it, youll get abducted

  27. FinnieMc says

    There was a text-based adventure, I think it was named "Castle", where at one point a doorway was blocked by a vampire. If you typed in "Kill Vampire" the game answered "Do it yourself".

  28. Lyle says

    Farcry 4 one… i got because made another drink (you know them start game cut scenes), then dog wanted out. get back and was really confused about what happened…

  29. battleaxe 05 says

    In skyrim if you skip the main quests alduin isnt harder, alduin levels with you

  30. A Gamer Aaron says

    Some of these are more like exploits than rewards…

  31. Clayton McCray says


  32. NinjaDan Shinobi says

    For me to find out about far cry 4 lazy way was due to needing to use the bathroom and coming back to him on my screen again.

  33. Anna - Let's Get Acquainted says

    1:20 ineffable

  34. عبدالله الحربي says

    I was one of the first to know about far cry 4 "idiot ending" i just started the game so ready to see the mayhem and be part of it but i had to go to help my mom after i came back the credit was playing and that was my first wtf moments in that game. One time i fall into the void and the game crashed.

  35. PacketLost says

    Heavy is spy

  36. nick amalfitano says

    Jules is the best narrator that the gaming channel has. And I mean “Of alllllllll time!”

  37. Ghostwolf82 says

    10:06. You forgot Harbinger of the Companions 🐺

  38. Tyler Cooper says

    I never played the first two fallouts that were on PC, but played both 3 and New Vegas to death; beaten New Vegas 2-3 times. I always found luck to be the least important skill, as one you can eventually get a perk that adds 5-6 points to luck which I would always get, two luck is less important than intelligence at least in my opinion mainly due to if you're charecter is stupid then it's much harder to during conversations either intimidate, lie and all the other speech options you can get, then finally three being (which this one is more of a personal thing), but I sometimes will already have bad luck in games so what's the point lol?

  39. Anton Sandkvist says

    I discovered the far cry 4 secret ending on the first play through. I had a real bad case of stomach sickness, you all know what that entails. Got to the part where he asks you to wait and figured it was safe to leave the game unpaused. Went to the bathroom and came back and so did pagan min lol

  40. ericb31 says

    for some reason some of the odd endings in "the Stanley parable" came to mind.disobeying the narrator in odd ways, like pushing the wrong button, results in weird hilarity.

  41. Franco_Acha says

    On Luigi's defense, writing do not push besides a button is like making sure that it will be pushed

  42. ericb31 says

    #10 oh, i thought you were going to mention that achievement, "welcome to Dark Souls," that you get the FIRST TIME YOU DIE!#6 yeah, that's a classic joke!

  43. Son D. Lollipop says

    I discovered thr pagin min opening ending my first play though by accident becausei stopped to smoke and get nice and toasty before I actually started. It was quite a startling and confusing surprise.

  44. Monty says

    How many times whatcutlure have included far cry 4 waiting at dinner table in their list

  45. Roman Arriaga says

    I like your lists, but no footage of what you're talking about is really, REALLY off-putting.

  46. Supersonic Tumbleweed says

    Finally something for me to relate to

  47. Otterly_James says

    Whoa whoa whoa, there's a main quest in Skyrim?

  48. This is a false account says


  49. Night of the living bread says

    In Skyrim if you don't go talk to the jarl of whiterun when you first start the game, you can play all the sidequests with out dragons

  50. nintendians says

    9. i do that on mw2's museum level.7. some far cry games does this.

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