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From Coco Chanel’s “La Garçonne” boyish French flapper look of the 1920s and Elsa Schiaparelli’s 1930s Surrealist looks, to Christian Dior’s New Look in the 1950s and André Courrèges’ space-age mod fashion, take a look back at the last century of French fashion.

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100 Years of French Fashion | Glamour

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  1. joliestyle says

    Polish evolution pls

  2. Sarah Juarez says

    This is only a few types of French fashion over the years. Wish they show all types. Most I've seen is more elegant than this. During the 1900s some women of upper class still wore corsets and clothes. To show off their silhouettes. Or a certain type of one.

  3. L'humain de Caillou says

    I'm French, I agree and I'm choke at the same time

  4. K Lauren says

    Im so proud to be FRENCH

  5. Regina Phalange says

    This is how th me 1% dressed!

  6. Lilly Dandine says

    Je suis française et cette vidéo ne montre absolument pas la monde française qui n'est pas si extravagante et luxueuse.

  7. Aasen Private says

    I'm French and agree with the comments. But I think you misunderstood the concept. They want to show fashion, mentioning Chanel, Dior …. Believe me, even today we don't wear what is shown by models and fashion designers.

  8. Susan Beyler says

    I've been to France, everyone there dressed so nice

  9. Rakshasss says

    It's about fashion, not about "what was popular to wear. Trends are not even close to what people really used to wear

  10. BLACKPINK's yADoM says

    I really love the berates , its so pretty

  11. Speedy Bread says

    Can you do 1900 to 1910 in more detail? That would be really interesting to watch!

  12. superstar says

    venez on leur dit

  13. нσηєу вαвє says

    I'm French and all this is false

  14. NaNa NaS says

    Ah bah je savais pas lol

  15. KIVA NARTTU says

    I thought Elsa Schiaparelli was Italian not French and why is there no Yves saint Laurent isn’t that French I am so confused

  16. Renáta Béres says

    1940's was the best

  17. Sibel says

    1950: what I wear in 2020

  18. Eimear Hannan says

    99% of comments: INACCURATE1% of comments: Where is Yves Saint Laurent?

  19. Lia Joon says

    Je sais que tu es la, Kim Taehyung

  20. Raindrop#1 says

    A Celine luggage tote? Fr? That was already so out of fashion.

  21. Coleen Garrett says

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  22. –N E K O –C H A N– says


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  25. Lilian Dorsey says

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  26. Geralt of Rivia says

    1990s and 2010s – it's about french fashion or a random African country?

  27. Kristina Edwards says

    shrtlink.ca/andladylol1i466 It was bright outside, even after the painted lightness of the marble-flaked corridor. The air was warm, slightly humid but not sultry. The walk would be a pleasure today. That was good too, because he didn't want to arrive at her place hot and flustered

  28. Ederd Stark says

    1940's my favorite

  29. Viktória Kat Dévényi says

    Talking about French fashion yet you hardly see any European white woman in the whole video

  30. Magda Baryłko says

    none of u at glamour have a clue what french fashion wasjuststopmakingthis awful videospretending to educatepeopleonfashionhistorythanksmy heart broke when u tried to make this ripoff version of dior's bar

  31. Cawatix says

    Whattttt ??.. Ok I'm french and I've seen family's photos and nobody wore these outfits except 2000's. They show the creators outfit not the reality. Then I'm sorry if I have mistakes but I'm in middle school (4 years to learning English), but I try ^^

  32. nour djihen ziani says

    Sorry but you hot the french fashion wrong ..

  33. Moon wild says

    Si j'étais vous j'approfondirai les recherches, parce que la…Personnes ne s'habillaient comme ça 😅

  34. Katy Out n About says

    Wow i was going to rip on this video, but i see the other comments already did.

  35. Victoria Pitts says


  36. Selomé M says

    So the black female arrives and its hip hop music. Right.

  37. Lalah Adams says

    3:40 ngl i thought the was Ellen for a quick second😭😭😭

  38. BruhIt’sDaily._ says

    Now all my fellow jojo fans, u get it 😎🤙

  39. jadah_roblox says

    How about Philippines pwease add Philippines

  40. Saad Bensaid says

    Who is French here to prove this??

  41. Tanja Novicic says


  42. ZESHA UDDIN says

    Me:*hears everyone complaining in the commentsMe: finally some outfits ideas for my OCs

  43. Maria Loyo says

    I cant believe dior was mentioned but not Chanel wth

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