Winter can be cold, wet and not fun if you aren’t prepared. ❄️☃️I have put together a list of 11 fashion hacks to help you survive winter and still look fashionable.

Let me know if you have any other helpful tips to stay warm this season. 👇🏼

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Hack #1: 0:14
Hack #2: 0:56
Hack #3: 1:23
Hack #4: 1:50
Hack #5: 2:32
Hack #6: 2:59
Hack #7: 3:21
Hack #8: 3:40
Hack #9: 4:08
Hack #10: 4:24
Hack #11: 4:48


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  1. Valeria Lipovetsky says

    For more fashion advice watch 10 Bra And Underwear Essentials | MUST-HAVES! https://youtu.be/qcEejPJ_s5Q

  2. howmanyX says

    I love this, so useful thank you

  3. Rita Rewards says

    Freezing your tights… now that's a true hack!😂

  4. racheloei says

    Advice I got from a random shop lady when I moved from a tropical country to a 4 seasons FREEZING COLD PORT CITY:What ever outfit you wear, be sure to keep your head, neck, hands, and feet warm. If they're warm, the rest of you will be too. Awesome video Valeria! You always have awesome content! Lot's of love 😘

  5. SELVER YAKAR says

    In this video we understand you are freezing in winter

  6. Ragnarkisten says

    I was bullied for wearing tights under pants when I was younger…

  7. Deepa Basnet says

    Haha such general information, which is not a hack at all

  8. tomoyoyea says

    Where are your pants from?? <3

  9. Farida Jwz says

    when no one in your school knows what fashion is and will judge you for layering coats: 𝒸𝓁𝑜𝓌𝓃

  10. Gigi says

    What size turtle neck should one get? Like a form fitting one or one thats a tiny bit looser? Like a regular fit one?

  11. Maria M says

    Anyone knows what brand her sneakers are?!

  12. Michael Smith says

    what stat are u from

  13. Lakwatserang yogi says

    Where do you get static sheet?

  14. Evelyn Affonso says

    This makes me wish there was actual winter here in Brazil.

  15. Ragnarkisten says

    Men should also wear tights under pants for warmth, dont you agree?

  16. Kreatywna says

    if you want to wear skirts in winter – wear thick nude thights and think black/patterned on top <3

  17. Samantha McMillan says

    I NEED these pants. Where are they from?

  18. Apfers says

    I'm constantly feeling cold… At this point I only don't wear tights under my jeans when it's actually too hot outside D:

  19. Ace Hardy says


  20. Mathilde Keiser says

    Okayyy, where are her pants from though??

  21. Agnes Kim says

    If you want to be stylish and warm in the winter, watch this! To expend on socks and boots, think about it when buying boots. I have one or two pairs of winter boots that are purposefully half a size too large (US size, European size I go up one size) and that I wear with thick socks on the coldest days. Heaven!

  22. Consciously Pure says

    Oh, where did you get this amazing blue greenish thick jumper? Fell in love with it!

  23. Consciously Pure says

    Love these tips! Especially interesting the freezing of tights!!!!

  24. mars hoquee says

    Thanks for this tips, im going to travel to a country that's on winter season so this will be very useful for me.

  25. Audrie Bellinger says

    You're wonderful.

  26. Irene 02 says

    Please make a low budget fashion video because I love you and I’m poor

  27. Drouin Johnny says

    I ruined all my turtleneck….my beard…..even when i shave…..help….

  28. Wendy P says

    Double-looping = genius. Thank you ⭐️

  29. Özge Nur Topçu says

    İyi de bunlar bizim Ankara’da sürekli yaptığımız şeyler ❄️

  30. Pao Encinas says

    I loooooooove you Valeria 💕 you’re so nice 🥰

  31. Pumpkin Soufflé says

    Hi Valeria, would you mind sharing what size are you wearing in those gorgeous pants? (for reference)

  32. женя вагайцева says

    Дико извиняюсь, она что, в качестве лайфхака советует носить КОЛГОТЫ?

  33. Lou Die says

    Where are the pants from 😍😍😍😍

  34. Klaudia Stańczyk says

    Where I get your trousers the houndstooth one and Green sweter ?😍

  35. Klaudia Stańczyk says

    Love this video do much😍

  36. Kenna Hodgson Smith says

    That blazer!😍

  37. Renee Spencer says

    Thank you so much for this!! I’m moving from the tropics to Pacific Northwest this summer!

  38. Elif akgg says

    You’re very fast spoke pleeeease be slowly because watching the turks 😀

  39. Naz says

    that socks does not look good on me 😭

  40. Ivanna Dimova says

    Hack no.10 with the belt , i knew this way many years before, my momma told me when i was struggling with the belts on my coats or
    jackets, yeah life saving 😀

  41. Emma Manumame says

    hi! 🙂 your pants are not exactly the same as the ones in Zara Germany, at least, did you buy yours at Zara as well or somewhere more high-end? I'd definitely invest in some more high-end brand as well! I hope you're reading this!

  42. Mywish Im says

    Ok layering looks good on skiny people and it looks good in photo’s but for it is just uncomfortabl. It makes my arms tired i do not why

  43. Me says

    Absolutely obsessed with my Uniqlo Heattec turtlenecks… basically all I wear all winter long (Canadian here!).

  44. RocAce says

    I loooove your check trousers! Where did you get them? X

  45. little white says

    I love your hair today

  46. Marie Lu says

    I love that she gets to the points quickly, that is true content!!!!

  47. Nadezhda Son says

    Hello Valeria! Could you do a video for luxury bag essentials. Same as you did your shoes video! Thanks a lot!

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