15 Fashion Rules You Should Never Follow


The Fashion Industry Teaches Us That Most Fashion “Rules” Are Meant To Be Broken.

You can wear whatever you want whenever you want to. But there are tons of fashion rules out there that like to tell people what they should and shouldn’t wear. It’s a miracle no one in the fashion industry’s gone insane. Now there are some rules that were put in place for a reason. Others are so outdated, we can’t help but roll our eyes. But a lot of people still live by them to this day. You know, like the rules from when you were in high school, where you couldn’t wear the same outfit twice to a party.

A lot of people get stuck in some sort of fashion rut that they never break out of. But coming out of your comfort zone and trying new things can be so refreshing. So, if you’ve been following fashion rules for way too long, it might be time to incorporate new things and come up with a totally different look. But having fun and expressing yourself with an outfit is a concept most people have a tough time processing. And yet the key to finding the very best version of yourself lies in letting go of certain fashion rules. At the end of the day, when you look good, you end up feeling good, too. In other words, how you look on the outside will affect the way you feel on the inside. Being a fashion rebel by breaking one rule at a time will take your wardrobe and style to a whole new level of greatness.


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  1. It's haitian_dollz says

    Fashion is all about being comfortable right now and I love it 😍

  2. Victoria omozusi says

    Socks and sandals have always cute

  3. Nola Monahan says

    I think confidence is the most fashionable touch.

  4. Girl Cult Official says

    2020 school uniform pajamas

  5. Aakriti's World says

    These may work in other but not in Asian country

  6. Carmen Dilcherd says

    What's up with homegirl in the video walking at fashion week like her feet are covered in corns and callouses

  7. Naziba Parvin says

    Fun fact : Talko is obsessed with Kardashian

  8. Camille Pablo says

    Is that Ms. Heart Evangelista? 😯🥰

  9. majestyle _ says

    Yes, just because it's not your style doesn't mean it's not fashionable. Fashion has a variety of styles you cannot force everyone to look like how elegant or how bold or how vintage you are. The essence of fashion is expressing yourself, your style and your story in your own rules. 💖

  10. Mochi says

    Everyone wears socks with crocs lol Ariana didn't invent it

  11. cheyreviews says

    I don't mind socks with sandals, but please, do not wear socks with crocks. It looks ugly on everyone.

  12. Greta Love says

    Fashion rules are not a law that you go to jail if you don't respect them, you can wear whatever you like but I think that most girls who want to go clubbing are not going to put on their best dress together with sneakers. It's all about occasions.

  13. YOUSRA ADLY says

    Lolz only an idiot would follow/buys anything got Kardashian on it ,even their make up is wildly rumored toxic and skin damages and i believed it after many markets removed their products from their country markets i heared . Its a make down not a make up 😂😂😂😂Thanks for recommendation but please recommend me a clip that Got Rihanna news in it that much healthy to watch .

  14. Alexis Cover says

    umm even though we should be wearing whatever we want to no matter our age, you wouldnt want a three year old wearing the outfit at 6:02

  15. Angel Galarce says

    Lovemarie 💖

  16. stephanie martinez says

    When they showed the crocs with socks I was people been doing that

  17. Kuroo Tetsurō says

    It more of what make you comfortableClothes doesn’t have a gender so men can wear girl clothes and girlCan wear boy clothes

  18. Boholst Jay-Anne F. says

    8:10 Heart Evangelista ❤️❤️¡

  19. Carla Rodriguez says

    Ok but Harry Styles could wear a trash bag and would totally rock that trash bag like no other(Everything looks good on him I don’t know HOW…well…he’s Harry Styles)

  20. Ashish Sonkusare says

    6:23 that's molly burke!

  21. The dare person Does stuff says

    Them: were what you want Me: walks out in duck costume YOUTUBE SAYS ITS OK

  22. Rhea Shukla says

    I’m sorry but age doesn’t matter? 8 year olds should not dress in super short clothes-

  23. Merinda Bennet says

    What does labour day mean?

  24. tiffymarieseesthetea marie says

    Yeah so a baggy t and no bra slippers and boxers isn't flattering haha just saying that's not flattering and tuats comfy to me. So not everything comfortable is flattering haha

  25. tiffymarieseesthetea marie says

    Lol 1:43 the model limping in heels and the lady in red on the right looking down like "WTF?" Had me dying haha

  26. tiffymarieseesthetea marie says

    Why was thos 10 months ago and has only 322 comments 8k likes and 395k views

  27. Kajsa Jahanshahi says

    Who is the talks to tell us what to wear

  28. Rachel7954 says

    Awesome fashion ideas but white nope i can not keep that clean I always spill something

  29. Magnet Barboza says

    I love the part when I saw Heart Evangelista on this vid

  30. Loretto Del Bosque says

    Any one else just went insane when they saw Harry Styles on the intro

  31. Ariana's Queen Content says

    I meanwho is watching this in 2020or quarantine

  32. Margaret Pelcher says

    Would you rather see my bra straps or me not wear a bra

  33. IZY Animations says

    Fashion rules- *exist* Billie Eilish ”No.”

  34. Amirah K says

    The one size thing I have an issue with is promoting obesity. I mean obese people need to wear clothes too, but obesity isn't a good look on anyone. As someone who's been around a lot of obese people and been chubby for most of my childhood, I gotta say, it's not great for anyone. Not to mention how much obesity hurts your health. So please, promote healthy women. Not just skinny high fashion models, but the average healthy woman. Obesity isn't normal and it never should be.

  35. Adi Hernandez says

    Did Anyone else saw the girl who has taken photos with a lot of celebs behind Selena’s pic?

  36. Da Sampaguita says

    Dress Your Age is outdatedDaniella Cohn: yass

  37. Deliwe Ngwenya says

    This video has been calling my name for weeks now 😂😂😂

  38. Sulagna Dassarkar says

    https://youtu.be/W-6-gnxUqV8Hark who's speaking!!!

  39. Kelsi Coleman says

    Was that Ashley Greene on the start of you can’t wear white after Labor Day?

  40. Marlee Williams says

    Wth sicks w crocs is so cute😍

  41. Its Ari says

    Im barbadian like Rihanna yayyyy #barbados. I love my country🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧

  42. emy schockman says

    who else thought that the girl in the thumbnail was kylie jenner

  43. Arlan Redoble says

    Omg I saw pouseey washington

  44. kim kk says

    Don't have to be too serious with fashion I love ❤ this Thanks……………………. ………

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