2 teens shot dead while playing basketball in NYC park


Two innocent teenagers have died after another bloody weekend in New York City amid the surge in shootings across the five boroughs, with seven homicides on Sunday alone.

The drive-by shooting in Brooklyn happened while the victims were playing basketball in the Cypress Hills section.

The shooting happened at the George Walker Jr. Park on Vermont Street just before 6:40 p.m. when a dark colored SUV drove up, and one or more persons opened fire from the sunroof.

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Source: https://hugochamber.org
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  1. Matthew Senavitis says

    Did anyone call in the social workers?

  2. chris ricker says

    Blacklivesmatters is a form of terrorism plain and simple

  3. Roseann Leonardos says

    We can all thank Bill De Blasio for letting all the idiots out of jail.

  4. ralpheyboyboxing says

    nyc 70s and 80s all over again the good old days of mayor ed koch david dinkins all over again yeah shoot shoot shoot libreal nyc wild wild west good big bird Bill de Blasio yeah

  5. Ibou Ndiaye says

    Lamine samba d'à

  6. billierank@aol.com says

    Ooo my god

  7. 01 July says


  8. TheActualTruth says

    Who shoots at a bunch of black and hispanic teenagers playing basketball like it's open season? This has to be a white supremacist, or a white supremacist in a silicone black person body suit.

  9. ALOK MAFIA says

    clear winner is me

  10. Kevin Luce says

    Do your job bill. And maybe this won't have happened. Take control of the city instead of being a panty waste for the democratic party.

  11. Grand Admiral Pickles Lee says


  12. NYC Loner says

    Such a shame.

  13. Lasik Se says

    don't call the police please if they are that bad!

  14. A New Snackbar says

    Man everyday i wake up, i hop on youtube and see at least 7 new different shootings, minimum. I'm not even fazed anymore…

  15. xinmathbb{R} says

    When will this police brutality and violence stop?

  16. DumbBoyChronicles says

    Nyc not looking too good .

  17. terry siefferman says

    Wilhelm Please

  18. aksprayz says

    Please….u got one of them in a pose shooting a gun. They did something to deserve to get popped. Dont act hard if you cant back it up. That thug life is stupid life

  19. Jason Young says

    New York City Is A HOT MESS

  20. Jason Young says

    New York Is A Complete And Utter SHITHOLE

  21. kalin Rodrigues says

    Trump needs 2 send the military here.

  22. Brenda James says

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  23. Zach p says

    Get out the hood. There's no fixing it.

  24. Lang Lalng says

    America, land of the free, 67 shootings a week in one city

  25. Dennis P says

    Thats more of the "Bread Stealing." SHM at 0:40 couldn't find a better photo?? May his soul rest in peace but, the man is literally posing as he is shooting an invisible gun.

  26. DMO says

    Deblasio is as guilty as if he pulled the trigger himself.

  27. yessen eldewak says

    BRUH i knew him we went to the same school

  28. Jerry Davenport says

    Come on BLM you supposed to help black lives. Where you at?

  29. Ron Zee says

    Liberals can ignore it until it’s on their doorsteps.

  30. fullmetal25 says

    Living in a city like NYC where you can't legally carry.. I'm glad i moved 3 years ago

  31. Steele m says


  32. Anthony Cunningham says

    Wait, I thought only cops killed black folks!?

  33. Erik Reveron says

    Why i stay home

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