33 ALIEN GOALS by Lionel MESSI ?



“They tell me that all men are equal in God’s eyes, this player makes you seriously think about those words.” – Football commentator Ray Hudson

“This Barca will be remembered as Messi’s Barca. He’s well above anything else I’ve ever seen. He’s an alien.” – Messi’s former team-mate Carles Puyol

▷ Lionel Messi 2019 Skills/Goals/Free Kicks || HD
▷ Lionel Messi 2019, #Messi 2019 FC Barcelona 2019 Argentina
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  1. jt tan says

    You can say someone else is the best… but you can not denies Messi is BETTER THAN THE BEST.

  2. Guru Prasad says

    Ahhh, he just got lucky all time

  3. Mick Morrison says

    He can do something that Maradona couldn’t do, use his right boot.

  4. Ashik .a says

    Messi is wonderful player in footbal
    The king in footbal

  5. sanz27 says

    Great dribbling

  6. T N says

    MESSI – Like a boss


    Spanish commentators sound like opera singers????

  8. Lakpa Sherpa says

    de motion he create above de among compare us with human…… lol… is he alen ?

  9. joseluis3111 says

    genial el video

  10. MR RAMBO says

    song name at the beginning of the video

  11. dione fernandes ribeiro says


  12. Lion Roarer says

    If an alien comes to play football they will bw scared of messi ????

  13. Soykot halder says

    I hope future he gola 1000 ❤❤❤

  14. SV3N 007 says

    Spanish commentators are annoying when goal is scored

  15. Kesava Chowdary says

    Commentator : Goal goal goal goal gol gol gol gl….

  16. Israfil Alam Asif says

    Yes he is Mr perfect ? he is a beast in the world ? king of football Lionel Messi ♥️ he is just unstoppable, everybody know he is a man ? but he's playing style like alien ? hey brother Leo, now you need only world cup and inshallah you will got soon, may Allah always with you. Best wishes for you ❤️ go ? love u lot ❤️ form Bangladesh

  17. all in All says

    He is not alien he is god

  18. barashimul high school says

    This is why he is unmeasurable ,ronaldo is nothing to messi……… "The God of football"

  19. Joynal's Vlog Sylhet says

    love u messi

  20. adrien achtay says

    Where would Barcelona be without messi?

  21. Kenneth Dilawar Singh says

    Wtf is up with the starting music

  22. Nishant Mane says

    in our country,(India) we call such beings as divine entities. we already have one named Sachin tendulkar.

  23. KRB NANDHU35 __ says

    King leooo

  24. Deepak Kumar says

    How High Is this Commentator ?? 3:50

  25. Rajeev Ranjan says

    4:29 Commentary is dubbed

  26. Ravi fitness o6 says

    Who likes Messi

  27. md masom khan says


  28. Elite GamerX6 says

    Please give me Dj alok and 5000 diamonds

  29. Nahid Ahmed says

    Love u boss

  30. Kakang Kamandanu says

    Messi : Talented and hard work
    Ronaldo : Break the Limit

  31. SilverMustang920 says

    ???: "What Alien stuff is this?"


    Jenderal Xavi and Iniesta.
    Eksekutor Leo Messi

  33. sachin singh says

    The irony is his alien goals are for barcelona and not for argentina ?

  34. Azhar Udin says

    Messi playes team game, ronaldo plays game in a team..

  35. Aangel Iong says

    Alien !!! I dont see them play football did U!!!!!

  36. nikos kosmanidis says

    33? not 32? or 34?…
    33 masonic number…

  37. Hidden Feelings says

    Goal goal goal goal goal goal goal goal messi messi messi messi

  38. Naxus Nexus says

    We will never ever in human history even with highly advanced robot legs and everything will never witness anybody even close to Lionel Messi

  39. xanderpanda23 says

    People who claim Pele or Maradona are better – i always ask – how many HOURS of video have you actually seen of them – especially Pele?? We only see their highlights and maybe they have 1 or two hours of total video – MESSI is on tv every week for the last 10 years and EVERY WEEK IS A HIGHLIGHT REEL!!! GOAT – END OF DISCUSSION!!!!!!!!

  40. jose amasende says

    The only thing that will stop messi .. is time

  41. Miguel Chiasson says

    Wow and rewow

  42. Syed Afrid says

    Who d heck is that overrated commentator who blabs Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal. Why the F is he even a commentator, he sounds disgusting.

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