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$900 Sparco seat vs. $450 Corbeau seat. Does more expensive mean more better? And is it worth it? Let’s find out.

We bought two identical 350Zs and have been modifying them to be FUN, daily drivers that you can take to the track. James Pumphrey and Zach Jobe are on Team Hi, and their car gets the expensive parts. Nolan Sykes and Aaron Parker are on team Low. Their car gets the cheap ones.

Then we test them to see which components are actually worth spending the money on.

We’ve been focusing on improving our cars performance, but today we’re focusing on the interior…performance. So we’re going to be throwing in new seats, and ALSO adding in roll cages and harnesses.

Team Hi got $900 Sparco QRT-R seats.
Team Low I got $450 Corbeau FX1 Pro seats.

Cars aren’t necessarily one-size-fits all. Especially small sports cars like our Zs. You might find the stock driving position uncomfortable. Sometimes the seats don’t hold you well enough going around a corner and you get flung to the side. If you’ve got short legs and a long torso, or long legs and a short torso, things just might not feel right.

That’s where aftermarket interior parts can come in. A race seat can hold you in place better and make it easier for you to corner hard… or it can be horribly uncomfortable if it doesn’t fit your body right. Maybe the more expensive seat has a nicer quality material on it, but the overall shape and size of the seat is really going to be a matter of personal preference. The cheaper seat might be the right choice anyway if it’s going to be easier to live with and drive in every day.

Even though Nolan is going with a cheaper option he didn’t go with the cheapest option. All of his stuff is FIA approved.

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  1. Cory Thomas says

    Here is an odd one you should do high vs low neon light kits

  2. Paul Chen says

    I bought my Bride Stradia II with carbon aramid backing… cost me a month's pay and waited 3 months to have it made and shipped from Japan…. oooooh man when it came it was like that time when you were little and your mama took you to your first candy store… then I try to sit on it and realizing my fat ass was too big and it was a super tight "fit" …. holy shit I went from candy store to hell so fast….

  3. Mihnea Opincariu says


  4. Energeticphenom says

    "Got to make some sacrifices if you want to be a hot Boi"… need that on a donut tee

  5. Danger Bear says

    You should do a triple car show called Hi-Lo-Po. The Po is the poor car. Make seat bolsters from rolled towels and ducttape

  6. Stanislav Ivanov says

    Wait, there are seats for almost 10 000$ on the market, are they better than sparco or not?

  7. Dan Cliffton says

    nolans face in every episode of this series just says stay away from the cheap stuff unless you have the patience and work ethic of a god 7:39

  8. Crayton Caswell says

    They were too close. Could have used NRG seats for the low car ($300 pair) and Bride for the high car ($2000 each).

  9. Tyler Funk says

    hell ill come film and just dont pay me overtime lol. the know how and learning mixed with the laughs id love it

  10. waze faze says

    use should of swapped and both used 1 of HI cars seats each and got the cages done to

  11. The SkeletonKing says


  12. Luke Bronstein says

    I bought a pair of corbeau A4's and I love them. No regrets on those seats.

  13. Luis Aquino says


  14. JinjirGimp says

    Bro I don't use my legs every day

  15. Farhan094 says

    But can you do this?

  16. FHI says

    When Sparco is expensive, what the hell is recaro then?

  17. Tay Hun says

    Haha dog he such a dick. Yea well it says sparco write here oh yeah another perc is that it says sparco here too sooo😎

  18. David says

    Anyone who’s not loaded is going to buy the best stuff they can according to their budget and not bother with stuff like $300 coilovers, some things should not be skimped on, coilovers especially. Seats, on the other hand, my preference would be to find a seat I like cheap out of a wrecked car. A set of Recaro’s from a wrecked Evo or STI perhaps

  19. No Gods or Kings, Only Man! says

    350z .. why not 300zx

  20. Yun Alfo says

    You know your broke when the cheap stuff to them is expensive to you

  21. Matthew _ says

    Both of our cars are full of farts

  22. tgm willy says

    7:30 the disappointment

  23. milad nasiri says

    Bro donut media is deadass the only thing I watch on YouTube now

  24. Austin Taylor says

    How much room do you feel like you have with the stock seats compared to both hi and low seats? Any chance there are seats that give more room than the low seats? Asking for a tall driver.

  25. rependapa says

    6:27 …the world from devestation

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