[4K] Walk MIAMI BEACH South Beach SLOW TV travel vlogger USA


4k walk , a documentary slow tv travel channel is featuring a series of 4k video walks in Florida. This is a walk along Ocean Drive, in South Beach, Miami Beach: A perfect place for having fun 24/24! This was filmed at sunset, with the after beach crowd. A perfect beach vacation, summer or winter.

【4K】Walk MIAMI BEACH at SUNSET South Beach SLOW TV travel vlogger USA

Watch Miami Beach 4k, in Florida 4k, USA 4k. This is Miami Beach 2020, Florida 2020, USA 2020!
A virtual walk, a walking tour along Ocean Dr. This is a 4k documentary! Enjoy this HDR travel video, a 4k video taken with a cell phone! Watch also the other videos of this Miami Travel on this travel vlog, and other city walks!

Let’s virtual hike!

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  1. 4K WALK says

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  2. Gabriel Souza says

    Eu fico rico ai mano…..

  3. Татьяна Татьяна says

    ..ужаснее нет ничего,вид этих днугоних..

  4. real hustla says

    nice video! my dream is live in miami! im from florianopolis brazil

  5. Faouzi Litefti says

    nice video thank you…..

  6. Adrian Valenzuela says

    Omg 4K WALK thank you for the good content you create. To let you know, there are not a lot of channels that really portrait the street living of cities. You do it in such a good way I have canceled plans to go to Miami. Don’t get me wrong, it looks great!!! Nice cars, attractive people, drinks, palm trees, exotic dancers and the list goes on… but having seen this, is clear Miami is not my place by any means. Still thinks it’s beautiful, wanna send some greetings to all latino people from Mexico City!!!! 🇲🇽

  7. Mushtaq Ganai says

    Absolutely amazing you make my day 🙏🙏🙏

  8. jaz iya says


  9. AAA looploop says


  10. sh sh says

    روعه ❤️

  11. hqdefault says

    Nice audio, what microphone are you using?

  12. TM says

    Nice one, no silly subtitles that force us to pause or rewind. 👌🏿

  13. Haresh Chatlani says

    Yes great place me was their many times .haris kool.

  14. Doug Dolde says

    I hate how you blur it at the beginning

  15. Vincent Bianchi says

    A lot of black people… not that theres anything wrong with that

  16. Guled faransiis says


  17. Alexandre Freitas says

    🇺🇸🤝🇧🇷 excelente vídeo parabéns ,um abraço aqui do Rio de janeiro

  18. Gwen says

    Many many big cows whith smartphones and burgers !!! Great world !!! The end of civilization ???

  19. Scott Shaffer says

    All low rent people, nothing good anymore fights and shootings every weekend,

  20. Cuban Sammiches says

    14:33 I know he mad lmaooo

  21. rtobar23 says

    Many locals dont even bother going to south beach anymore, its all tourists now. Rent and eating out is wayyy to expensive.

  22. Menthal Oh says

    why that unreal looped sound ?

  23. Mr. E.W says

    i love your videos, no overbearing music just beautiful letting us hear the sounds of the people, cars, animals. Thank you

  24. Deddy AG says

    Hai Ladies Greetings from me From Indonesian THANKSLooking for life fartner Terima kasih banyak Thank you very much

  25. Márcio Guimarães says

    Rio de Janeiro..the best of course..🇧🇷🍻😁

  26. Claire Kluebly says


  27. Neo Futur-ist says

    You know the virus had to be circulation around Miami at this time.

  28. John Arnold says

    30 dollars for parking 🙃🙃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    Racial profiling at 9:30 smh

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