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  1. Micah-Ray Guy says

    That’s right baby. Eagles old qb

  2. Mason Duffy says

    I hate mike Vick he made dogs fight each other

  3. Jimmy Collins says

    How do you get visors in that game

  4. Rayanthony Williams says

    JUICY is A GOD, i wish i can be like him

  5. Pluscartoon2991 says

    honestly juicy john a god at qb but a little work on intercept

  6. School videos Fouch says

    Yo juicy what up. Can you friend me and we can hop on football fusion 😎😏

  7. it’s not artu OK says

    Sped qb

  8. Toad says

    Juicy john: uploads
    Me: gets juicy juice yes
    Also do u have a discord

  9. the ultimate raider fan says

    Pls do derek carr

  10. Joshua Okorie says

    nahhhh natetemp juicy john for pres 2023 and ff stream tonight

  11. Kelly Dragatis says

    juicy john do you like the seattle seahawks there my fav team in football and who is your fav player on the seahawks mine is wilson and my fav wr in the leage is wilson to and keepp doing the vids have a awesome day juicy

  12. DimerDillon says


  13. Michael Pearson says

    You and monte should play together

  14. Rich Boy says

    Michel Vick is so fast and so good and be passing dimes

  15. Marvens Narcisse says

    Juicy chill man you talk 😔 much

  16. Joe Nugent says


  17. Moon Soul says

    me when i run : HOG QB! TERRIBLE! IM UNVOTING YOU!
    When juicy runs : Good job juciy! you're the best qb ever!

    come on!

  18. the biggest packer fan says

    congrats with the vikings winning monday

  19. Warren Stiles says


    Juice John

  20. iicantqb dogz says

    juicy jhon goat?

  21. CharlesGaming Hood says


  22. Gaming with kaoz says

    can someone teach me how to play football fusion pls my name is kaoz2621

  23. NoahPlayz says

    i watched juicys all videos

  24. Smooch The Doog says

    Michael Vick’s x-factor should be EVRYTHING. And juicy’s x-factor. You know the deal.

  25. Dtm HD says

    Es save 6:17

  26. Nikki Rogers says

    You would be the best nfl commentator

  27. Bryan Gonzalez says

    Juicy can you do Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa in FF

  28. F9 Sweat ツ says

    Like If juicy should be global ff qb

  29. King_Fool says

    What is that game called

  30. Aubrey Kincheon says

    May u pls do Patrick Mahomes in football fusion

  31. Brain Ded says

    I’m good at that game well kinda but your the best YouTuber

  32. Gavin Lithgow says

    Dude very video is like a blowout make videos with good players and a close score because really your vids are getting boring

  33. Salpreme Taylor says

    Juicy john do yourself

  34. Evelyn Stoll says

    This game still works..

  35. Aidan McMahon says

    What in the kfc means:
    K kan
    F you fricken
    C catch the ball

  36. Trevion Jakson says

    There are no defenders in the oof

  37. Eli G says

    Do Cam Newton

  38. HoF Wqlfix says

    You gon be s8rts 2.0

  39. Renee Dimmick says

    You would be a good football announcer

  40. Randy Coke says

    How about you do Patrick Mahomes in Roblox

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