A Crap Guide to D&D [5th Edition] – Races


Joseph makes a dumb Dungeons and Dragons guide for dumb people
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  1. Aidan Collins says

    How long did this take to make

  2. Marcus Nolan says

    What no Grung?

  3. Jace Fairis says

    "some sentient clay, a he she or they" jocat said enby rights

  4. The Outspoken Theorist says

    The cannon shooting a goliath is accurate. I have a level 6 Goliath Barbarian in my campaign who boarded an enemy ship and was below deck. The rest of his party fired on the ship and he got hit full force by a volley of cannonballs, but since he was raging he literally just kept fighting. Took like a third if his health or something like that.

    They're monsters

  5. zealot246 says

    As of Tasha's, nothing matters!

  6. Archer says

    And now I have to go listen to some 311 for some odd reason.

  7. Dr. FouFou says

    God damn your music skill is impressive

  8. Abuut Butt says

    I'm telling bo!

  9. phoxxentswrath says

    It bugs me more than it should that he got dragon born and firbolg wrong.

    Dragon born have a drop of dragon blood or a curse, it's more like an American claiming that they're 1/16 Cherokee. Half dragons are the ones with dragons as direct parents

    And firbolgs aren't cows, they're just tall leprechauns who are also blue now

  10. Lordof Music 420 says

    Can we please get some comics about the relationship between the bard and paladin

  11. Sword Turtles says

    Half orc, my favorite race.

    I'd let one step on my neck.

  12. Jeremiah Peñaranda says

    Holy fuck i just found the James bucket of dnd

  13. Vanessa Lopez says

    "So have fun being a hermit, immortal."
    He's not wrong

  14. Mark Goldberg says

    Pls tell me this is on spotify

  15. Lee Misset says



    Have a comment to increase engagement.

    This video was amazing.


  16. Sunfishen Sunfishen says

    Locathah Gang ftw

  17. Bad Apple Gaming says

    Thanks now I know how to make master uguai

  18. Alchemispark says

    Welcome to a trap guide to d&d

  19. xandermation says

    that intro amazing though

  20. Graham Milner says

    this episode is my favorite. ive watched it 3 times.

  21. Bootleg says

    "Class race importance is pretty seldom"
    Tasha: Introduces origins.
    Well, if it wasn't before it certainly is now.

  22. Karrich 666 says

    I legit come here to get a run down of the races whenever I want to make a very unique character.

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