A new virus is spreading in China: BBC News Review


A new virus is spreading in China. Learn English vocabulary about this news story in BBC News Review.

International concern is growing about a new virus that has spread rapidly across China. Several people have died and authorities have confirmed it can be spread person-to-person with hundreds infected so far. Watch this!

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The story:
A fourth person has died in China from a new virus that has spread rapidly across the country. The 89-year-old man is the latest victim of the illness that causes a type of pneumonia. Authorities have now confirmed it can be spread person-to-person with 200 infected so far.

from one person to another person
• Travel increases the risk of human-to-human transmission.
• Human-to-human transfer is not thought to be likely.
on alert
ready to react quickly to a difficult situation
• Maria was on alert for the baby’s birth.
• Rob is always on alert for biscuits!

arrange a meeting or gathering
• The department head convened a meeting to discuss redundancies.
• The politicians convened to debate the new legislation.

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