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Your favorite kiddos survey the world one surprising plate at a time in our first season of Kids Try.

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The kids from today’s video!

American Kids Try Vietnamese Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

HiHo Kids

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  1. Ngon mam says

    ? Huh

  2. Pham Cao Minh Chau says

    The kids are cute. But… I don't see there is any respectful to Vietnamese dishes. I know that they are still young and don't know much but,….. I'm not really enjoy the video when I see they just spit the food and throw it away……. :(((

  3. Kieu Nguyen says

    It makes me happy to see these kids liking the food we Vietnamese eat.In school I would bring Vietnamese food and my friends would say”eww” or “gross” .lol

  4. Kieu Nguyen says

    who here is Vietnamese?!?!?

  5. •o_donut chan_o• says

    Good thing I’m Vietnamese 😉

  6. Blue Flame Dragon says

    Next should be Fuedal Japan (Edo period). Even though I am a Hawaiian dragon.

  7. phat ng says

    Other kids:DISCUSTING Clara:YUMMY

  8. Flower Ji says


  9. CrobrexHD says

    This is not Vietnamese food this is all trash this is the most Americanized Vietnamese food ever every Vietnamese knows this food is a disgrace to out food

  10. Luong Tran says

    This is phở haha

  11. Lon Nguyen says

    Did they marinate the fish sauce?

  12. Brandon Bui says

    -Ernie Theres Eggs In There Your Drinking Eggs
    Ernie: hallow eggs!

  13. Geam HT says

    Trẻ con hài ghê

  14. douglas kuhlmann says

    I love you all yoor

  15. aiden says

    Bánh xèo is my all time favorite dish!

  16. Loujina MS says

    the girl that with blond hair I don't like her

  17. Ostyy says

    the disrespect in this vid hurts my feelings

  18. fa peap w! says

    all of these dishes are half assed…

  19. Belal Abu Sultan says

    many people would like to know how each kid is raised so that their kids would act the same, could you do (Hi Ho parenting tips) please ?

  20. Jonathan Sevilla says

    Do your parents feed you was actually really rude

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