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**This film is under license from The Asylum. All rights reserved**

Android Cop – In the year 2045, a L.A.P.D. detective and his new Android partner enter the Zone, which is a forbidden section of the city plagued with an unknown disease. Together, they discover the reason everyone is sick, and try to stop the illness.

Stars: Michael Jai White, Kadeem Hardison, Randy Wayne

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  1. Joseph Badiang says

    Android cop or RoboCop

  2. Brian Mercer Jr says

    New Robocop

  3. patrick chisala says

    NICE – I GIVE IT 10/10

  4. Anish Kumar says

    Very bad, volume

  5. Will Man says

    This should have been called Cyborg Cop instead of Android Cop because he's part organic.

  6. Johny Bravo says

    My lord no laser pistols ?What future its this ?

  7. Noon50 says

    Important message to Michael Jai White, you are an excellent 👌 star, so stop destroying your movie profile by such silly and useless genre of crazy movies.

  8. Jane Kariukl says

    I lyk Michael jai white movies

  9. MG42pillbox says

    The only way to outdo Peter Weller was to hire a legitimate beast. No white guy could fill the roll. 44-0

  10. Flatdog Sound & Light says

    Thanks good movie film 📽🎥My thumb up have nothing to do if I like the movie or not !It because it don’t have any stupid cut or other shit like that !The Chanel owner is not responsible to please someone taste !

  11. Christopher Columbus Clarke says

    I like the movie 9.5 out of 10

  12. Cary Coller says

    Five minutes in. Not impressed. No body armor. Cops with grenades. Poor clearing tactics. Muzzle sweep all over the place. Isn't that one cop from the cast of "A Different World"?VERY cheap Robo Cop knockoff. And not a very good one either.

  13. xilix1969 says

    Low budget version of Robocop

  14. LabGorilla says

    I am British

  15. Jayaraju Bontha says

    Michael Jai white verry good action

  16. Jayaraju Bontha says

    Robo is not good for Carter…very slowly reaction..

  17. Elisa Elisa GB1 says

    Thank you, this is a very good film and I am very happy

  18. Imani Ife says

    Bad sound & the damned commercials have better sound. I've always liked the very yummy Michael Jai White as well as Kadeem Hardison & Mr. Charles S. Dutton.

  19. Kishore Ramgoolie says

    you want a cold beer . nu

  20. Kishore Ramgoolie says

    i love that robot have my sense of huma .

  21. Dominikus Christopher says

    I thought it was the Guy Manuel from the Daft Punk

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