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Beards Quiffs Tattoos and Fashion – more pictures, more ideas, more Hair, some long and some short. 50 Shades of GrEy: The Men Who Rock Silver Hair, Right? I’ve added more expensive cars and bikes! You’ve also a change in music again & mood.

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Thanks to those of you who sent me your pictures. If you’re not in this one, sorry,
you could be in the next one so keep watching. Remember, old is the new young, Shoes are the New Bags. Grey is the new black – It’s Official!


Cantus Firmus Monks
Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions
Ambient | Dark
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Big Mojo – Vadodara
Kevin MacLeod
Ambient | Dark
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Big Mojo – Vadodara by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

Jaw Harp You Can Dance To
Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions
Ambient | Dark
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  1. lycan gypsy priest says

    Great video!!!

  2. andré rasemont says

    Moto Harley D… oui, coiffeur coupe cheveux oui, musculation oui, TATOUAGE NON!!!
    Je ne veux pas de ces horreurs, ma peau est blanche , je veux rester belle et non tatouée…

  3. peter angel says

    Follow the yellow beard road and your get there. I look forward to seeing your pictures. Good luck with the journey.

  4. Peace Frog says

    I dig your videos Peter Angel. They have helped me keep on the path to beardom. Someday I will be featured in one of your collections. Cheers!

  5. Gus Morrison says

    Need another video!!

  6. Ronald Hunt says

    just sitting here getting some chill time Pete more clothes to bye!

  7. david foulkes says

    hi pete wat is the first song

  8. Hector Dominguez says

    Muchas gracias Peter
    Me encantan las fotografías y la música es excelente. Seguiré esperando más de estos vídeos que me encantan. Saludos.

  9. Cameron Lyall says

    Great video Peter I've been looking forward to it hope we don't have to wait too long for the next one keep up the good work

  10. Abricson K says

    Me and some of my friends just love it sir! Thanks for your service!!

  11. Fazli Ibrahim says

    nice video sir and tq for the picture

  12. Алексей Бану says

    So good! Thanks!

  13. Finding Utopia says

    another masterpiece, the eye of a great artist.

  14. Paul Davenport says

    Hi Peter – great to see your new BQT&F post. Please keep them coming for your loyal subscribers, we respect your work.

  15. castleart says

    nice video Sr.

  16. Pete Campbell says

    Hi Peter, I enjoy every video you put out, this one is absolutely astounding.

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