1. Trey J says

    I also make edits

  2. Drettlinking says

    good edit= dont know wut duh fuqq is happening

  3. HOODIE ZDOT says

    Tf are these weak ass songs😂im tryna get lit not cry😂

  4. DonGioHD says

    0:401:14 1:402:22name of these effects please 🙁

  5. drk says

    ae or svp

  6. AdvancedG3 says

    1:11 music

  7. shan says

    what's yeezy's ig?

  8. Viners says

    The power of editing can make the world go jumpin to these beats

  9. Madz says

    song at 2:08 🙏🏼

  10. namjooniee says

    whats the song that goes haha something

  11. maika ti says

    1:05 song

  12. Tdouble007 says

    Song at 1:05

  13. Green Applez says

    Song at 1:53 ?

  14. Jose Arizpe says

    What app do you use for these edits

  15. Aslak Homme says

    Song at 1:40 and ill give you 1 million on paypal

  16. iEthan2k says

    Some of these aren't that good :/

  17. iEthan2k says

    :49 song? 😂😭

  18. Seyni Kremser says

    Song at 0:06

  19. Dylan says


  20. Frisbee till sundown says

    What's The song at 0:41 please?

  21. tyler boyum says

    dang pretty good edits just from vine?

  22. Tanner7050 says

    vine name is The Reviner my profile pic is my dog

  23. devinsoccer24 says

    what software do you make your edits with?

  24. Konner Brockus says

    Wtf whys huddle on here

  25. ethan says

    These edits are fire🔥🔥🔥

  26. Charge says

    Dang I ain't make it

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