Best Football Manager Tactic \ A Dominating FM20 Tactic


We test the best Football Manager 2020 tactics created by Knap. This is by far the best FM20 tactic.

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  1. Batuhan Bozkaya says

    I will try this tactic with bristol city. I hope it works.

  2. Matthew C. Asiana says

    Just fired up this tactic up for my Dortmund save and Haaland is banging the goals via lovely trueballs – well done.

  3. Lucky Madhava says

    Thanks for the video, can import fm19 setpieces to use on fm20

  4. Chris Linch says

    Hi FM Scout, you always answer to people that the link is in the description, that is right, but there is a collection of Knap Tactics. 3 of that Tactics have the same shape (4-3-2-1) which one is these are you´re tested??? I find there Oxford 101, Oxford 103 and Oxford 105, which one? Sorry, but this is not to see in your description.

  5. Aaron Pateman says

    will it work with a weak team, havant and waterlooville is my team loool

  6. Junior Mark says

    Its similar to lisa's terminator, but terminator is far more consistent IMO. It banged 143 league goals on a 100% holiday save with juventus, no signings 73 goals from ronaldo in all competitions.

  7. JayIgnition says

    This tacitic is massively OP its unreal lol. used it for 3 months so far and not lost a game. Dont plan on using it as its not much fun, but wanted to test it out. Im Blackburn Rovers in the Prem. beat Chelsea 2-1 away, and also Arsenal 1-0 away, but had some results like beating Wolves 6-4 haha and smashed Burnley 7-0

  8. Telmo Bento says

    What kind of assistant coach should we get?

  9. Daithi says

    Brilliant for the league went 50 games unbeaten but did change to other formations aswell. It’s ok in Europe had to change to 4-4-1-1 . Was poor against 4-1-4-1 especially away from home .

  10. Rize MasterMind says

    Would this work with arsenal on FM20 touch

  11. Luke Mifsud says

    Why cant I see the tactic familiarity bar? Can anyone help please?

  12. TheSilentScreamX says

    I wonder if SI consider it a problem that every single successful tactic for this game is attacking with high defensive line and high pressing. It's kind of boring that this is the only thing that works.

  13. Rangers Fan says

    Won the Europa with Glasgow Rangers in my second season with this. Very good tactic.

  14. Gregory Ho says

    I've never seen a tactic where 3 of players close down the opposition keeper and a few seconds later only to have the other team play a long ball over the top of my defence and score a one on one. Other than that this tactic is really good if you can manage the retarded level of yellow cards…

  15. Philip Bell says

    This tactic is next level👍🏻 just finished on 105 points. 138 goal difference. Goals for 159. Goals against 21. 181 chances created. 597 shots on target. 21 goals from corners. 15 goals from i/d free kicks. Didn’t work so well away against the bigger sides at times so tweaked it a little by just changing it to positive instead of attacking and set my defensive line and attacking line back one click. Also move ur MC to DMC same player role and move ur two Cams back to MC and change to advance play maker for both on on attack one on support. This stopped me getting beat from my best mate he’s Barcelona I’m Real Madrid to me battering him 10-0 in the Copa Del Rey Final. Love these tactics.

  16. RollTapGo says

    Which file are people using from the download? Mine has a 4 -3 – 1 – 2?

  17. flying Aviator815 says

    Honestly ibreally dont get this download system. I have loads of tactics now and all start with never ending !!!!!!!!!!!! Why? Ehy not just put ONE download link for ONE download tactic? Sorry your tactics are amazing but i dont get this system, at all.

  18. flying Aviator815 says

    Finally a tactic that gives Messi a big inpact in game and scores! Thank you!A bit pitty for busquets since he almost not played becouse Raketic, arthur and dejong are better suited in this Central Position.

  19. Kartal Yiğit Yavuz says

    this shit might be a game bug 😀 1lose 3draw finished all season hahaha

  20. arabianofelix says

    Woah. First game beat Villa with Man city, 9-0. Aguero injured. Foden hattrick. Never scored over 6 before.

  21. Dr p3pp3r m4n says

    I think you over sold this tactic. Me and my friend did a fantasy draft game. I have Messi Ronaldo van dijk Sergio Ramos first game lost at home to Bournemouth tactic isn't that good

  22. 22 Chad says

    why i am losing away games?

  23. Flonne Rembert says

    Rodgers was running a variation of this more as a 4-3-1-2 version at Leicester this season and even did this at Celtic and Liverpool. Usually sticks Maddison behind Vardy and Perez, Ndidi in the middle with two other midfielders on either side. Got a 9-0 win on the road in real life. Don't try this in non league football unless it is late in the game and need a goal.

  24. Dermot W says

    Almost every single game with this tactic you have a goal disallowed.This tactic is incredible at home but away from home it's been piss poor lost every big away game.Any tips?

  25. Loyalty FM says

    Is this the 1 u tested with West ham

  26. Jason Smith says

    Can someone please tell me what this tatic is called on the fm scout page to download please. Thanks

  27. Jerem's says

    Une traduction en français ce serait cool

  28. targetthyself says

    All of Knapp's tactics are all the same really. He just abuses the fact that players don't get penalized as much for being fatigued as they should, and exploits the match engine by overwhelming it with movement. It's just monkey ball. Everyone is running everywhere, and eventually, you cap out your match fitness and outlast the AI. It's why these tactics work at all levels and all skill levels, and the top tiers the worst.

  29. Aaron Robb says

    This is either fm19 or pure nonsense

  30. Aaron Robb says

    Cant seem to select the wing backs closing down more, only allows standard

  31. timbrooksmusic says

    Using this on a new save with Sunderland in L1. Top of the league, 5 points clear and unbeaten in mid October, beat Forest 7-3 in the cup, and also knocked out Derby and West Ham.It works. My entire midfield is racking up the goals and I'm scoring huge amounts of set pieces. Only issue is my strikers. 2 goals all season for Lafferty in the league. One for Semenyo, none for new signing Ikpeazu.

  32. Suhail Mirza says

    Dominated with Grimsby town, untouchable. This tactic is fire

  33. Sto Trollando says

    fm players must understand that there are no invincible tactics in this game nor tactics suitable for all the teams. You have to find the tactic that lights out the strenghts and minimize the weaknesses of your players. For you this tactic is so good because of the individual instructions you gave to the players. Suarez is very agressive so letting him mark harder the defender is a good idea, but obviously not all the best advanced forwards are like Suarez. Aubameyang, Griezmann, Higuain, Icardi are top players but completely different strikers too. And if you don't have Messi and Griezmann behind your striker, but Loftus-Cheek and Mason Mount? With Kovacic behind them instead of Rakitic? Is really the same thing? No.So please, stop posting this type of videos.They are useless because the tactics usually doesn't work too much, I'm speaking from experience.And above all because you are encouraging the community to play a football coaching game without doing the tactics smh. This is stupid and not what the developers want.

  34. karl hugo olsen says

    Norwich won 2 cup came in 3rd place first season

  35. kris mechlenborg says

    I tryed that tactic for a whole season. And I allmost did the 100 goals. tactic to try out 🙂

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