1. PaperCup says

    Hmm… I see lots of London fashion from the mid-60s, but only one likely Biba dress (at 0:18) in the whole thing! Can someone please point out where else the Biba store or clothing features here?

  2. Berenice says

    The woman dancin' in a blue dress lol

  3. jrmetmoi says

    @lottieelvin Yeah but it will always be fake now sadly….

  4. Evelyn Sugarskull says

    what's the name of the song?

  5. Bridgejones08 says

    hell yeah!

  6. wellersmate says

    Great Stuff and cracking Zombies Chooooon!!

  7. lhcarter says

    the song is called "I Love You" by People, 1968.

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