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  1. Mary Allgier says

    Cecily didn’t memorize lines she had this rant before at home 😂

  2. YouOpaOpa says

    I need more Cecily Strong in my life asap

  3. Landry says

    I'm so confused at how Cecily hasn't done much outside of SNL, in my opinion, she has more range than Will Ferrell or even Kristen Wiig or Kate Mckinnon. She rarely gets love in the comments or even by the audience too. Everyone freaks over Kate Mckinnon, who's very talented, but still 🙁

  4. DragonChild460 says

    Peanut looks so sad…

  5. Eyem Here says

    Women !

  6. Nabil Ahmed says

    Huh basically my ex wife and I :p

  7. Troy Maddox says

    That pug is a trump supporter

  8. Madilyn Monroe says

    That dog is the cutest thing I've seen since quarantine 😭

  9. J says

    sorry Seth rogan is such a bad actor lol

  10. sha11235 says

    Cecily seems to be around dogs a lot. Notice in the credits she is always holding one?

  11. ashley pyatt says

    Blue river

  12. Manal Shakeel. says

    The dog has no name

  13. Coastaku says

    Cecily strong has the most convincing Mental Breakdowns…. it's an art!

  14. Zero Gravity says

    Everything about this is amazing

  15. ChrisHallett83 says

    Premium pet food people are fucking insane, this sketch is extremely accurate.Dogs in the wild eat trash and rotting carrion, you do NOT need to feed them filet mignon every day. Just get them decent quality mid-range food without too many fillers in it, and you're good to go.

  16. Martin MuthaFuka says

    Came here for Seth Rogen stayed for Seth Rogen

  17. AJ Estur says

    This gave me anxiety.

  18. Chelsea French says

    Our dog is brain dead from eating literal crap!!

  19. Sabrina Mitchell says

    Why is this woman me when I feel wronged by a company or something similar like …accurate 😂😂😂

  20. Landry says

    Cecily is the BEST

  21. Zero Gravity says

    All I will say is…THESE 2 ARE AN AMAZING PAIR!!! Really good acting on both parts. Plus it killed me at the end when it suddenly switched to a happy talking woman.

  22. Doug Zwick says

    I cannot find words for how exquisitely phenomenal Cecily Strong is.

  23. Darrell Williams says

    Wow she channeled a Karen so well for this lol

  24. PaoloReaper says

    I started to tear up when Cecily was melting down. God, she's so good.

  25. Tammy Forbes says

    This is how half of women act when on their period! Overly dramatic for the sake of being overly dramatic!

  26. Joachim Msoffe says

    The louder he got, the more he sounded like Pumba from Lion King

  27. J L says

    Cecily in this is my everyday mood

  28. Şeref Mert Arıkan says

    The fact that I relate to this is concerning

  29. K3nd.y H says

    The dog carried the sketch

  30. Bajirao Singham says

    Our Dog is a Terazanos dog not a Pizza Hut dog.

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