1. Zach J says

    Damn agent didn’t say fuck audiomack today he must’ve taken that sponsorship deal

  2. young cocai says

    Agent said he misses Canada he misses hitting potholes wtf he says that lol

  3. YEAAATONYY says

    Jesser better than Cash

  4. Robert Daniel says

    Low is a capperCash over Jesser smh

  5. IkEeEe says

    There’s no way Flight is the lowest tier when annoying exists

  6. Sniper Gang says

    Wanna go peer to peer with me 😳🧠

  7. Mr._I_Dont_Know_You says


  8. _ Ubaldo _ says

    Woaaaa wtf agent forehead big asf😂😂😂

  9. Grand Ruby says

    Agent finally being nice to us audiomack users…

  10. jalenfrommiramar says

    U really realize how lame Agent is when he’s around normal people 😂😭

  11. Jay N says


  12. MxsonG says

    Peer to peer is the perfect thing to listen to while grinding my career

  13. Diego Martinez says

    You must be tripping dawg

  14. Gaming power Legend says

    To the dislikers why tf do yall dislike normal videos

  15. TrendyyAl says

    People really be hating on jesser

  16. Gaming power Legend says

    When i was a kid I was just a kid now I'm a kid kid and kid don't like kid.

  17. DirectorNasty says

    WHOA friega is from near my hometown, thats CRAZYYYY

  18. ChaijoTV says

    LOW i love you bro….but Cash is only higher then Mopi and Moochie

  19. Salahadean says

    Lmao Jesser def better than cash

  20. Tyrone ! says

    How this nigga not catch covid yet????😂

  21. ElijahROCK101 says

    Bench me for 1 mill a year put me in the game just to catch a tech… ill punch anybody in the face

  22. MitchSN says

    Agent not putting respect on J Jones name SMH

  23. Quimane Richardson says

    How tf do lo not get motivated to lose weight hanging around agent

  24. playboi ron says

    it’s just crazy how someone from my hometown blew up on youtube and is sitting with my other favorite youtubers

  25. Ben Shelton says

    Agent said it right the internet needs Tre and Jay to workout and play basketball. #NEEDIT!

  26. Anthony C says

    Yea you lost to jay but he literally scored like 7 points off pull up mid jumpshots cause he checked up way inside the 3 point line. Jay cheesed his way to win.

  27. Very Rare says

    Tell me what park you to in Birmingham

  28. TopBoiCompadre Amer says

    Y Low look lik Bfb dapackman 😭😭

  29. Zontell Hawthorne says

    Can’t wait to see I’m after playing D3

  30. Boomboy53 says

    Get iPod on the pod

  31. datnigga Blaze says


  32. Kole Hughes says

    Who is cinco?

  33. zaepdz says


  34. David Frey says

    D'Vontay, not like I'm a fair weather fan, but if you weren't posting ball'in games, I wouldn't be watching. I come to your channel to watch street ball. If you just stay in that lane and keep finding the best street baller's and put out that content, you'll keep growing. Then just invest your profits in real estate and get rich that way. What you could do to mix it up is do entertaining stuff with the ballers. Ask them fun questions. Get the entertainment out of the guys on the court and the fans that hang on the side of the court. That's where you can make your vids unique. Just one person's opinion.

  35. I’m wrong but says

    what came up about lebron?40:50

  36. Josiah Brady says

    why don't these niggas use timestamps lol

  37. Ryan Collins says

    I am 6'4 and met Jesser in person, he is actually pretty tall lol.

  38. Blippy 6182 says

    Amp friga coming soon

  39. luvislimbo says

    Yeah agent you need to just not talk when rating basketball youtubers come up because idk wtf you're talking abt 💀

  40. o b m says

    agent didn’t “almost” lose to flight. he beat flight and flight lost, simple as that. saying he “almost” lost is saying “yeah you won, BUT” there is no “but”, agent beat flight. we gotta stop bull shitting because it’s convenient.

  41. vChivo x Ron says

    Wonderful podcast

  42. giovaney G says

    Where my fort Myers niggas at

  43. Jayden says

    Agent lost me when he said he missed potholes. Shit slide back to Detroit Michigan, the potholes so bad here they damn near change your radio station and unlocks doors lmao.

  44. CC says

    Omar and low look the same but there polar opposites

  45. CC says

    It’s refreshing as fuck to see down to earth people that have such a big following

  46. Kore says


  47. Jalen Williams says

    cash ain't even better he just got more muscle and iq

  48. Droxii says

    Agent stop jsr not better then lsk

  49. _IsthatZay_ says

    jesser is way better then cash and he is the second best in 2hype

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