Cắt tỉa củ quả trang trí ẩm thực, tổng hợp mẫu tỉa hoa từ quả bí xanh @MẸ BẢO HÂN


Cắt tỉa củ quả trang trí ẩm thực, tổng hợp mẫu tỉa hoa từ quả bí xanh
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  1. FunWithEasyCrafts says

    nice curving technique. haven't seen you much. have a look at my recent work. I am visiting you regularly you know.

  2. mobile news anjan says

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  8. Filipina Multitasker says

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  9. Remzi Eren says

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  10. Chaos Cats Club says

    Very nice carving

  11. Chef By Chance says

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  12. Algo se cuece con Fabi says

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  13. LAKH RIDE says

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  15. Dimples Love says

    I miss watching your creativity dear very beautiful as always how are you sis

  16. Eat with Keith says

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    Maşallah tbaraka Allah Very nice vidéo

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