Charlie Murphy Lost a Game of Basketball to Prince (2009)


Charlie Murphy told Howard and Robin about the time he lost a game of basketball to Prince when he stopped by the Stern Show in 2009.

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  1. Justin McGonigle says

    I could listen to Charlie all day…

  2. Fatsuperfly says

    He was the best man, we lost some special.

  3. RoaroftheTiger says

    It was the Pain, Prince developed from those "jumps", that ultimately killed Him ! The Pain, got him to use some Dangerous "medication", R.I.P. Prince … R.I.P. Charlie Murphy

  4. sublime90 says

    miss you charlie

  5. iwillnever4getu says

    i could listen to charlie murphy talk about prince forever.. super RIP to both

  6. madmuso5 says


  7. alex stewart says

    Prince was an alian.

  8. fischkopf says

    Charlie Murphy was visibly disturbed by what Prince did on the court that day. RIP

  9. Charlie Manson says

    he was way funnier than eddie hands down

  10. capitano moe says

    More charlie murphy please

  11. Jim From Cleveland says

    Charlie was the man. I'll always miss this dude

  12. Catty 1 says

    Charlie is 10 million x funnier than Eddie. What a loss

  13. Santos L Halper says

    Oh my, that man was funny

  14. Doc Skate says

    Man I miss Charlie Murphy.Fairness is all good, but life itself has nothing to do with it.

  15. Phil Z says

    Rick James bitch…….

  16. gi822 says

    Challenge him!!!!

  17. SaiyanLeague says

    Prince the best musician of all timeCharlie Murphy the best story teller of all time RIP KINGS

  18. StevenM801 says

    pancakes.. pancakes

  19. MarktheMartian says

    prince has a new song out "i need a man"

  20. magron1987 says

    I really miss this Habitual Line Stepper.

  21. Blacky Chan says

    He took us back inside and made us pancakes.

  22. xYouthAttackx says

    after it was all over…..he took us in the back and served us pancakes…..pancakes…

  23. Tim Woodz says

    CHARLIE MURPHY!!!!!!!!

  24. Elaine Lanie Lane 5k says

    RIP Charlie Murphy. FXCK CANCER!!

  25. Saigon6 says

    Charlie was great!!!!

  26. Patrick J says

    Howard trying to cry about not being able to see him…. as he's wearing sunglasses in doors in a club.

  27. Ryan Anthony says

    Just one dead man talking about another dead man.. so weird to hear. RIP

  28. David Knight says

    I really miss Charlie Murphy….such a good dude.

  29. Solid Mike P says

    Man, he could tell a story.

  30. Trump Is King says

    And his man purse

  31. Nocturnal Ron says

    Man Charlie was great. Miss that guy

  32. Drinkk Bleach says

    Damn, I remember watchin' this as a kid after watchin WWE during these times around 😥

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