Charlize Theron Kissed Guillermo at His Son's Soccer Game


Charlize talks about running into Guillermo at their kids’ soccer game and reveals what happened after she kissed him in front of everyone.

Jimmy Kimmel is Over Celebrity Promposals

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Charlize Theron Kissed Guillermo at His Son’s Soccer Game

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  1. Shane661 says

    She is batshit crazy, raising her male child as a female. She says she determined the child was transgender at age 3.

  2. Marcos Chavero says

    She so beautiful man ?

  3. rockz Funk says

    Nicole Kidman sister

  4. Black Star says

    Milfer level ???

  5. Jesse Moctezuma says

    Guillermo is the only good thing about this show.


    He on exgames mode.???

  7. Face Man says

    She kissed him many Times on and off camera

  8. Jobin John says

    One of my girls…..what a line ???

  9. LOL says

    she looks like that after coming from a dentist

  10. malayali blogger says

    I love guillermo

  11. Carlos Garcia says

    Guillermo, how can you walk around with huevos that big?

  12. gn lilu says

    She is beautiful ?

  13. NOAH CASAS says


  14. Saroja The Robot says

    But why?

  15. alessandro bertucco says

    One of the most beautiful women of all time. Love you Charlize!

  16. 8 Sound says

    "one of my girls", Guillermo the Great!

  17. Matías Espinoza says

    idk why she give me a bad vibe

  18. Hi There says

    Guillermo , the sexiest man alive

  19. Legendas em Português says

    Guillermo is funnier than Jimmy, " One of my girls"!

  20. godinezfer1906 says

    She had pain in her mouth because of Guillermo

  21. Ok Then says

    Ya lucky bastard ?

  22. Łukasz Gawełek says

    Charlize is so gorgeous <3

  23. khalil mrizik says

    The dads must have been like " ????? "

  24. Jack Torrance says

    Her legs ?

  25. manneborg says

    Oh my God her eyes…

  26. zak iqbal says

    No Wall is high enough to stop Guillermo taking all the hot American girls..rumour has it that Trump is worried that he might steal his wife and daughter

  27. Rickey Engle says


  28. Uriel Cortez says

    Guillermos lucky

  29. K-PAX says

    This is like Bernard Marx-Lelina thing. But i have no nerves to explain that to mass culture

  30. Salvador Guzman says

    Guillermo man of the year, i hate and admire him damned lucky bastard… By the way proudly mexican!

  31. Juan Escobar says

    She's so hot and sexy!!! ???

  32. SD says

    She should star in a James Bond movie…..

  33. George Birbilis says

    Guillermo is my hero

  34. Nomaan Abdul Shukur says

    Imagine getting kissed by that face forget about it being infront your Friends , Just being kissed would make life worthwhile ?

  35. Michael Flanagan says

    Lucky bastard

  36. Ahmed kanorewala says

    Guillermo is a star

  37. Lonely Ranger says

    She's damaged goods.Guillermo should get checked for an STD.

  38. stespin says

    Who hasn't experience a Charlize Theron running to him for a hug and a kiss

  39. Anthony Juarez says

    I love Guillermo ! ????

  40. vman armand says

    how could the other fathers NOT know who she is??

  41. Kaibil72 says

    pinche guillermo MoFo lolol??

  42. Majid Arman says


  43. na chatana says

    The definition of MILF is Charlize Theron

  44. Gary Lee says

    Beautiful woman

  45. foosgoalie says

    I have 10 sons that play soccer..

  46. Erin Meichtry says

    I will be Guillermo's girl anytime of the day

  47. anupam says

    Once a legend say "One of my girl"??

  48. Rajz Chhetri says

    Guillermo My man.

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