Clippers Cannot Figure Out Jokic And The Nuggets | Game 6 2020 NBA Playoffs


The Nuggets again rallied from a huge first half deficit to stave off elimination and force a Game 7 tomorrow night. Coach Nick takes a deep dive into the critical runs that led to the big leads for both teams.
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  1. HikoSeijuroXIII says

    3:21 I always suspected.

  2. Lourelyn Fazonela says

    Next victim Lakers. hahahaha

  3. Nxc ule says

    The refs have to get calls right man it’s literally the ultimate factor to teams losing seriously 💯

  4. Chrmngblly says

    How will the Lakers answer The Denver offence?

  5. Guyford Lector says

    Is anyone hear from Michael rapaport 🤪🤣🤣🤣 with is dumb ass

  6. truth truth says

    the JOKIC move is called sombor shuffle

  7. David Filipović says

    Nobody showed Jokics two blooks on Harrel in clutch

  8. Ivica Gasic says

    In da next 3 seasons, Nuggets gonna win the title for sure!! They just must done a few good signins to make better and deeper bench and that,s it guys you will see!

  9. T Zaid says

    You pledge allegiance to the NBA, and to BLM for which it stands, one communist nation devoid of God, impoverished, with servitude and bondage for all:

  10. Evolution_Algorithm says

    3:20 Gotta love a good reach around.

  11. JJ S. says

    Mission accomplished, onto the WCF.

  12. David Pallen says

    Den gotta play both la teams that were favored to win the conference lol denver gonna TAKE the ship from LA

  13. Huff The Man says

    hate it when youre out of position for the reach around

  14. Alejandro rubion says

    Pandemic George pretending goat🤣

  15. Lucas .Lucas says

    Who said the NBA is a guard's league? Jokic dominated the game from the center position.

  16. Ice In my Veins says

    They just did:)

  17. landstalker 1107 says

    Someone explain why anyone would double team jokic knowing that plays right into his hands

  18. phil xox says 💜

  19. Mixer says

    Aaaaaaaaand they did it, LETS GO NUGGETS

  20. Kenny Vu says

    Instead of playing their game and make the nuggets make specific defensive adjustment. They adjusted their own game for the nuggets. This is where they lost.

  21. sticker shock says

    PG and KL were never leaders of their previous teams, in the first place. What did they expect for LAC?

  22. # Coach2win says

    Coach….We can’t wait for game 7 breakdown 👍🏼

  23. Wey Cool says

    Kawhi and PG3 went to Doc for a Jokic remedy, when Nurse might have a better solution :-)Nurse has excellent defense schemes… it's just the Raptors lack offensive power.

  24. KKCOMICS5S says

    Well it is nice to know that this is a Preview to the Clippers blowing a 3-1 lead. Nuggets defeat the clippers 4-3 and will now face the Lakers in the Conference Finals.

  25. Jack H says

    Clippers are a better team on the paper but they can’t figure out their individual roles on the court and probably some of the guys aren’t happy and don’t want to make sacrifices for the team just what happened to the Celtics last year

  26. Mobley Mcfly says

    And anything did! Lol

  27. Owen Basketball says

    Hey I’m from the future. Denver managed to comeback and take the series

  28. TheBuzness says

    Clippers CHOKED game 7 like BADLY!!!

  29. zexxonije says

    Oooh salty Clippers fan analysis

  30. M P says

    Jokic playoff mvp already

  31. Kris Kong says

    Imagine team Yugoslavia .. goddamn would they give US run for their money

  32. Deadhammer says

    Denver has higher altitude than other NBA clubs, that's why they have huge advantage over the oponents who get tired quicker due to lower percentage of oxygen. The fact that they won the series without this advantage is VERY impressive! And even if they'll lose next series it will always be with an asterisk that they didn't have their home advantage.

  33. Ttheway2 life says

    Great commentary. Had me seeing everything.

  34. Another Station, Another Mile says

    10:52 – marked out when I heard you drop that line, coach. It's been a while.

  35. Danijel Hrup says

    I said … from start … Clippers don`t have a point guard and that is it – but Lou Williams and Harrell where terrible

  36. clout scout says

    Who's here after the nuggets won game 7 and Kawhi had 14 points

  37. Danijel Hrup says

    Only Zubac worked in that game … but they are not feeding him … He was running for nothing

  38. Ime Prezime says

  39. noego jimmy says

    3:53 Surprised? Not gathering the ball?You don't wtf are talking about.If you start making one – two step or jump it doesn't matter where the ball is and if you manage to release it before Landing on the floor: shot counts.

  40. Ben Otisi says

    Murry is the engine to the Nuggets, without him, this vehicle doesn't run

  41. marko garin says


  42. hi hi says

    Same foot same hand shot? Whys that something we should look at? Dont people do that normally if they're shooting on 1 leg? How could you not naturally do that..opposites would be unbalanced..if you're shooting off 1 foot it proly means you're spinning or have momentum in a direction so if you lip side opposite leg and hand it just nawh, you can use same side leg hand to counteract the momentum though and slow it and have your equilibrium better. I guess there are advantages but wouldn't this be natural..who shoots opposites like that lol?

  43. Valprax says

    Legend has it that the LA Clippers are still looking for the ball after Jokic's assist

  44. Kenneth Yu says

    Clippers lost because jokic have a 360 vision 😆 it's unfair lol

  45. Fantastic 1 says

    Lol…. NO ONE can figure out the Nuggets…. Period!

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