CO2 Car Racing


One of my colleagues asked me to create a dramatic race sequence to heighten student interest in his CO2-propelled car design project. Students race their successful designs on Race Day. I stretch the 3-seconds of action using iMovie, and enhance the audio with iMovie sound effects and GarageBand loops.

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  1. thatonekidperson123 says

    i just finished my tech class i have the second fastest car in 6th grade it went 10 yards with 35-40 mph cartiriges mine went 42 it is really aerodynamic

  2. chris carey says

    i car made it down about a 15 foot track in .5 seconds

  3. Jonathan Hunt says

    i just raced my car! It only got 1.19 secs though

  4. MatterhornV says

    Mine went 60 feet in about 1.2 seconds. It was a really basic design.

  5. rredzone says

    thats fast, my best times was .954

  6. Givadanger says

    my car is the the one and only General Lee 01 c02 car

  7. Jeff Hamilton says

    What's the conversion in mph?

  8. Jeff Hamilton says

    Everything used for racing came from a Pittsco catelog, out of Pittsburgh, Kansas. (Yeah, Kansas…not a misprint) Looks like the track had lots of bumps; but I agree with you. I probably didn't record the best cars, but the students cut and formed each of them.

  9. Jeff Hamilton says

    I just made the video for a friend to increase student interest in the CO2 project. As I recall, all cars are made of a lightweight balsa wood chassis, hand-crafted and painted by each student. After two cars are in place, a computer program linked to the track performs a sequence of track checks, pierces both CO2 tanks in unison, and times each heat, compiling a tote board ranking each car running that day.

  10. Mike Ochoa says

    man can u tell me the weight of the car, what capacity of co2 tank?, and how the hell you open the co2 tank?
    hope u answer i need help!!

  11. Jeff Hamilton says

    that's what the students thought when my colleague showed it to his classes

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