All of the Insane College Basketball Brawls that happened this season, they don’t happen as often because these are young men trying to make the NBA, and hold a solid profile or respect what their coach tells them.

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  1. Zac Austin says

    Lol basketbal, great role models let me tell you.

  2. Rod Ricky says

    White not needs to sit down none of his teammates gonna defend him

  3. Princess Moomoo3003 says

    I know nothing about basket ball except net ball is the girly younger cousin

  4. E. S. says

    This is better then nba fights

  5. Hunter Nance says

    How childish

  6. Bradley Walker says

    I'm gonna react to this bro

  7. Nigel Pascua says


  8. Ulquiorra Cifer says

    These guys don't get paid, let em blow some steam

  9. Anirudh says

    When boys fightCommentators: oh this is bad… Punches have been thrown.. this is getting ugly… This should not have happened.. officials will get involved..When girls fightCommentators: oh this is unnecessary extracurricular activity . Oh this is good 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Raymond11 says

    Lol and you wonder why cops proceed with caution 😂😂😂

  11. Just address me as King says

    A simple shoulder bump at 0:02 is all it took….

  12. GangstaPlaysMobile says

    1:34 My Boy Had Chase Down Artist And Intimidator😂

  13. Orest Pellumb says

    De Sosa a punk ass bitch

  14. john Baldock says

    I SWEAR TO GOD Black people could start a Fight in an Empty Room!!

  15. DB Love says

    second boy's handsome

  16. 30 kills says

    5 is a beach , why didn’t he walk over to the dude he had beef with and swing on him, instead dude starts pushing two other guys like hold me back 😂 pousay

  17. jjmah11 says

    The girls fight was just cute lol

  18. Trace YouTube says

    I don't understand. Everybody is more or less the same weight and height. Hardly ever any knock outs.

  19. Seymour Clarkson says

    “Ughhh this is terrible” I think it’s actually pretty good

  20. - ذيب وععّيل . says

    Nigga 🤪🤪👌🏻



  22. J A Y says

    That block tho!

  23. Preacher Bell says

    lol, that dude flopped so hard

  24. Bryce Gillette says

    Nothing else to say but humans will be humans, and trash talk will happen with a bit of emotion mixed in with it

  25. Kerem Tunç says

    the intro fight escalated at the both edges of the court at the same time…its so college thing.

  26. Big DadDy says

    Why are women fighting I thought I was watching basketball fights not washing machines fight

  27. Nelson Dendomo says

    0:30 When you realize your homie getting ganged up on the other side of the court. Great reaction, I wouldn't let that fly😤

  28. Panta Rei 83 says

    Black youth fighting.. I'M SHOCKED!!

  29. Yeezy says

    I love how the band kept on playing during ka kansas/st game lol

  30. Raptor Games says

    This is like wwe fighting 😀😀 it’s good

  31. Opchildx says

    How to end your career 101

  32. finish first says

    Don’t matter. Season was suspended anyway. Lol

  33. Your Mom says

    Notice how the majority are ther blacks. Just saying…

  34. Gojie R says

    be phak eeee dai bodytouch ampok chaklann hak ho mien li basket aaa li barbie khi chuu cbyy

  35. BK says

    Peep how my man had a chair

  36. TheDCGuitar13 says

    5:28 he says “tensions are boiling over” like there wasn’t a bunch of punches thrown by that point lmao. Ain’t that some booger type ish lmao

  37. Jebediah Kerman says

    Phillipines vs Australia

  38. Ron Veri says

    Kansas acted like bunch of punks

  39. Gavino says

    4:11 this isn’t soccer buddy stop flopping

  40. Hizkia Noele says

    Imagine 185cm men's fighting each other and you are the security or reff there,there's nothing you can do😂😂😂😂

  41. Jay Glee says

    1:23 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  42. The says

    3:38 did he just try to take the whistle out the ref's mouth?

  43. In Famousbrelin says

    2:35 did u see that random person try a fight the players lol 😂😂😂

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