1. Lefteris the builder says

    Computer history:(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)(blank)Windows VISTA

  2. mamta dhandu says


  3. CableNutx says

    IBM ASCC!!!!!

  4. Eddie says


  5. APOFIS says

    Hello CISCO

  6. fritagogo1 says

    Engine of Blaise Pascal in Museum Le Coq of Clermont-Ferrand possible to see.France. Thank You. Not a Joke. Shure.

  7. Chromedome 2020 says

    Skipped Internet and 20 recent years. Lol

  8. Du Duu says


  9. greenfrog12 says

    you skipped the 90s

  10. Enrico Montanari says

    Skipped the Commodore 64!

  11. mikieboyz says

    definitely some old favorites missed there… ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Atari ST etc. Massive jump from the 1982 IBM to today, opportunity missed.

  12. Vee Beth Herrera says

    little is the new big

  13. ClassicSonicFan2012 says

    I feel like u skipped the 80s and 90s

  14. swampzoid says

    very nicely presented

  15. Monitrech says

    Good job mankind!

  16. Christopher Rouse says

    Wow this is American Bias, what about the Manchester 1, ZX Spectrum, Arm Risc Processors. Oh and Colossus(1943) pre-dates the Harvard Mark 1(1944).

  17. Mr.Golem says

    im using that laptop too!!!!

  18. Dennis Carlin says

    @TheHarryMann I agree. No ICL, I was there 21 years. Surely they posted a few milestones.

  19. Clive Smith says

    No LEO (a big milestone), no BBC, nor Archimedes and ARM chip… in fact even some of the dates have been frigged to conform to the (usual) re-writing of history to comform to a US centric view of the world e.g. Bletchley Park's Colossus was running in'43, and operational mid '44

  20. David Blane says

    @greenhornet101 No Grace Hopper either 🙁

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