Computer Pioneers: Pioneer Computers Part 2


[Recorded: 1996]
Part 2 of 2 The First Computers, 1946 – 1950

Computer pioneer Gordon Bell hosts this two-part program on the evolution of electronic computing from its pre-World War II origins through the development of the first commercial computers. His narration traces the development of the stored program computer architecture which remains the foundation of todays modern computers.

In Part 1 The builders of the first five computer machines: the Bell Labs Model 1, the Zuse Z1-3, the Atanasoff-Berry Computer, the Harvard Mark 1 and the IBM SSEC tell their stories.

In Part 2 Vintage films and first hand accounts enliven the stories of the ENIAC and the three lines of computing machines descended from it: the Eckert-Mauchly EDVAC, BINAC and UNIVAC; Maurice Wilkes EDSAC; and John Von Neumanns IAS machines and their clones, the ILLIAC, MANIAC, etc.

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  1. VideoNOLA says

    Somehow, computers relieving a bunch of these pipe-smoking, smug, rump-pinching men of their overpaid jobs seems like divine justice, no?

  2. 0MoTheG says

    The issue in the 30's-60's was the price of memory.
    The phosphorescence cathode tube memory is genius.
    I wonder why they did not use CO2 or even heated UF6 instead of Mercury. Mercury might have a low attenuation but it is fast. A dense gas is much slower. Using a graded solid it might be possible to create a mono mode sonic/acoustic delay rod.

  3. bodgertime says

    Nicely presented, Mr. Bell et al

  4. Raymond Davies says

    What year was this documentary made?

  5. Raymond Davies says

    3:04 The stored program was NOT Von Neuman's idea…but he took all the credit for it and media and history books do too. They are WRONG. Von Neuman only wrote a paper detailing the idea he stole from this man, Von Neuman was a plagarist and liar!

  6. Einstein Wallah says

    smoking was permitted in offices back then … and they used to call these shops as tea shops?

  7. Valfredo De Matteis says

    Amazing, thank you a lot! People who share freely documents of this kind should get some sort of medal

  8. Mauricio Rangel says

    22:30 Well on enterprise storage, that statement holds true to this day, amazing.

  9. Peter Mitchell says

    First computer program was written by Ada Lovelace 1815-1852

  10. Peter Mitchell says

    Colossus was a set of computers developed by British code breakers in the years 1943–1945 to help in the cryptanalysis of the Lorenz cipher. Colossus used thermionic valves to perform Boolean and counting operations. Colossus is thus regarded as the world's first programmable, electronic, digital computer, although it was programmed by switches and plugs and not by a stored program.Wikipedia

  11. Woody Woodlstein says

    Amazing film. Wish it had part 3 and 4 and 5 and 6. Lol. Just keep adding parts. Always with bell hosting though. He was great.

  12. Octeract [SG] says

    Video sounds pretty good at 1.5x speed. Gotta bang through the homework, you know.

  13. Florentino Castañeda says

    Thank you.

  14. Michal Eshet says

    Very useful and good movie. Does anyone knows How can I see clearer 2 of the diagrams here in 41:27 of memory size vs speed and in 41:37. I need it for a work I do on computer as a single page. thank you

  15. Jagit Littlepill says

    Yet you have a picture of one of the most cowarddus cruel mass murdes pice's of shit that ever born to a mother. Freedom of information isn't something this evil thing ever had in it's hart. If it had one. But socialism has never had roots in any kind of truth from the heart but born out of the selfishness an power lust of people to use them an throw them away.I'm sure you have this picture of Stallen not that your a liberal progressives educated twit spoiled socialist, but because you have socialist views and yourself are communist. Lol just sicking wit ya. I formulated this in one hundred of a millisecond in my vintage non vacuum tube computer… or my continuous random input popetuel thinking selfawear gray matter computing apparatus.Me brain man. Or the lack thereof 🤔🙈🙉🙊

  16. Scott Fuller says

    Guess you have never studied the Antikythera Mechanism…the world's FIRST known "computing device"…..?

  17. antigen4 says

    thieves …

  18. Dihelson Mendonca says

    It would be interesting to have a sequence of this nice TV show.

  19. Alan The Fortunate says

    Brilliant re Leo!

  20. Tacheles Reden says

    How can one create such movie (and i like it very much) without mention only one time Konrad Zuse? What a ignorance and arrogance!

  21. ufoengines says

    Cool You Tube, Bummer some big money wasn't thrown at these digital computers that computer with air, Patents 3057551 , 3190554 . Slow but cheaper. Maybe useful in the 1950's for smaller institutions and collages. If Babbage had this tech he could have had the pipe organ folks build his Engine for him and Lady Lovelace would have invented COBOL.

  22. How is your Peterbilt says

    ENIAC: 500 thousand dollars divided by 90 hours of total production time.

  23. rgoidel says

    Gordon, Your series here is a wonderful explanation and illustration of the history of the Computer. Excellent job!

  24. Alexandru Mihai Coroi says

    This videos are awsome! I love this. The computing domain really changed the world, under all aspects.

  25. Stevie B says

    The processing power in today's handheld mobile devices is astonishing!!Imagine if you went back in time and shown a Samsung Galaxy or an Apple iPhone or any smartphone to the engineers who built these early computers…

  26. movax20h says

    28:30. Wow. Function inlining.

  27. jeylful says

    Great video.. thanks

  28. Derek Forde says

    37:53 Boom in the shot….Boom in the shot….

  29. Buddhafollower says

    what Eckert says at the beginning to me at least doesn't make much sense

  30. Ankit Raj Goyal says

    superb awesome ….

  31. Kelly J says

    32:05 Leo really shines in this video.The first automatic office in the world. Leo is fast and flexible. It can test the feasibility of the information that is fed into it and check the accuracy of its own results following orthodox accounting principles. It does not require air conditioning, having its own ventilation system.

  32. The Kaiser says

    What about the Russian computers, you ballistic bastards? The Russkis did not land on the moon first by using sellotape and string.

  33. Uncle Joe says

    Of course, a lot of this is as clear as mud to me…!  I must be stupid but the complexity is just too much for my small, un-upgraded brain.

  34. Uncle Joe says

    Thank-you for making this historical document available for future generations.  It is a valuable resource.

  35. Rupert Pitt says

    Very good.

  36. TheDaringPastry1313 says

    having to watch this part 1 and part 2 for an assignment. Hey Don Craft's class!! ^_^

  37. Mathew Mckay says

    i came here for science. i left knowing where dr. steve brule came from. obviously cool either way.

  38. ewaf88 says

    31:41 Mr Cholmondley Warner and Greyson

  39. ewaf88 says

    You needed a Woman to neatly hang up the punched tape like washing on a line as a Man could never of managed it. 

  40. txvoltaire says

    42:22 She's a manic! Maaaaaaniac!

  41. Dreamlife Films says

    documentary made by valve

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