1. Natalia Roibu says

    Actually you can’t do anything or press you have too double press

  2. Fedor Markvardt says

    Hi, I'm quadriplegic. How to ANSWER CALLS , HANG UP and TURN SPEAKER ON using apple iphone xr WITH VOICE ONLY?!

  3. Xay Duncan says

    I had voice control and you made my phone go home and you kept messing with it

  4. Kaitlin Doody says

    How do u unlock the phone tho

  5. Ginfio says

    Just say “show numbers continuesly”

  6. Diego G. says

    We out here tryna get people to buy android by being obnoxious and saying “X HaD tHiS bEfOrEHaHA iM sO SmArT AnDroID gOOd aPPle BaD” like bruh if y’all gonna be toxic asses no one is gonna buy that shit

  7. Jeffery Asiedu says

    It sucks that u can’t use it to unlock ur phone

  8. BENNY Roblox says

    I already had voice control on my on my phone well this video was on so my phone started glitching out🙂

  9. Clara Fransisca Wijaya says

    I just waiting for 4:52

  10. Likhit1318 Newar says

    Bhai Please make videos regarding note taking on IPAD

  11. Vivek S says

    Dude u are genius. Based on ur commands my iPhone liked n subscribered ur channel:)

  12. Alexis Caras says

    I activated my VC before watching this video, and my phone’s following your commands when you said “12” guess what, on my screen 12 was “subscribe” I think I’ll leave it like that. 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Elizabeth _Zoye says

    LoL my phone was listening to you while I was watching the video 😂😂😂

  14. Thelittleangel Roblox says

    Mine was listening 😂😂

  15. New York Hoje by Silvia Matera Gerber says

    Thanks you. I believe we can also create our own commands?

  16. Lions_ Rage says

    I had voice control on and it it went off youtube when you said back.

  17. Farah Amrouchi says

    Your controlling my phone with your voice 😂😂😂

  18. Amanda Bäckvall says

    You made me subscribe thanks to voice control

  19. Ojje says

    I had the voice control on when I watched the video and my phone went crazy lol 😂

  20. Immortal Dejoe99 says

    Funny thing is while he is saying the controls he was doing g it on my phone

  21. Marley_Da_King24 says

    I just turned mine in before watching this video and when he was saying the cmnds it did the exact same thing on my phone😂

  22. Ms Ma says

    When he said „open control center“ my control center opened 😂

  23. Ditto115 says

    it doesn’t listen to me when i say anything?

  24. BrendanB_ 4 says

    U prob won’t see this but how do you turn off only the talk to text thing

  25. Sam Verstraete says

    Thanks! How to answer your phone and put phone on "speaker"? As soon as you pick up phone by vocal commands, the vocal commands turn of. Is there a way to pick up the phone and turn it on speaker by vocal command?

  26. Faythe says

    Does anyone know why my does not work??

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