Creative Skills in Football 2020!


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  1. Ice 2 Spray says

    My son is the next Ollie Watkins

  2. Safan Ahmed says

    2:28 messi hand ball

  3. Aon hello says

    2:12 OHHH WTF!!

  4. Sara Peluso says

    Why the action the ronaldo vs napoli not continued or the story the game

  5. Sankaranarayanan K says

    Mbappe: oh no I could have scored.

  6. DT says

    Music is horrible

  7. Hugo Black says

    I am brazilian salve please

  8. diego christopher cano gonzales says

    1:04 la cara al ser humillado por el mejor del mundo xd

  9. Prateek says

    Suarez's goal is underrated. I have never in my life seen a backheel curve goal. Suarez is one of a kind.

  10. Aditya Arun says


  11. Zoro Sarkar says
  12. Niazali Khan says


  13. Karol Op says

    Me gustó lo de Neymar, fué, lo enfrentó y lo humilló 👌 grande Ney

  14. Mzimhle Mabona says

    It’s like firmino finally realized tht he is Brazilian

  15. Natural Record Sound says

    The person who is reading this description, I wish you great success, health, love and happiness!

  16. K V says

    LM10 GOAT😎

  17. ending The says


  18. victoria helburn says


  19. Joseph Palmer says

    Solo pones de tu criterio hay mejores jugadas

  20. KMA107 says

    Nice video , greeting from Germany

  21. Andzelika Kanapkiene says

    Neymar keeps possetion with the but

  22. Mishal Masari says

    New videos are loaded in my channel check it out

  23. ArnTv says

    Cristiano Ronaldo ~

  24. 終末論的な夜 says

    Song names pls

  25. Nik Boychev says

    Where is Billy Gilmor vs Liverpool?

  26. M D Ninandi says

    Salah firminho👍👍👍👍

  27. Sporting Rahik says

    How do you upload this without copyright claim ??

  28. Beenote Binod says

    Messi the legend

  29. ThisIsUnderground says

    you guys are making video on creative skills but missed ozil and Son

  30. Shahbaz Mudassar says

    Those who disliked this video
    Will not be able to get ticket for heaven…

  31. Johnnie Katshunga says

    Neymar controlled the ball with his butt😹😹😹😹

  32. Johnnie Katshunga says

    Suarez's goal was just legendary, shear class

  33. Johnnie Katshunga says

    I can't believe Kante actually humiliated someone

  34. Johnnie Katshunga says

    People were being humiliated all over the place…my favorite was when they humiliated Ziyech

  35. around the ANIME says

    Missing football.
    Really missing football

  36. older fox says

    2:28 not creatve,just crazy

  37. Fun Unlimited says

    Neymar's butt performed better than Lingard…

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