Deep Blue vs Kasparov: How a computer beat best chess player in the world – BBC News


Twenty years ago IBM’s Deep Blue defeated previously unbeaten chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov. Its designers tell the BBC how they won and what it means for computing.
Produced by the BBC’s Franz Strasser.

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  1. eXtaz QQ says

    dont meter what his move Gari Kasparov the al is have good atack end distroy defense , is lose beacouse is not have the time travel deep blue is move very strong end you know what happeneed

  2. jay john says

    The computer beats the dude like its nothing… then a T-1000 shows up from behind and terminates this dude. He should have NEVER played a life or death challenge against this beast of doom reigning hellfire and flying saucers, area 51, SKYNET omg I took the red ritalin pill ahhhhhh 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  3. Roberts Bud says

    The. It. Took. On. The. world

  4. Roberts Bud says

    Then it took on Kasperov

  5. DJDEmooN B0Ss says

    I can't still imagine a computer that can't identify cat and dogs can defeat anyone in chess

  6. FBooth90 says

    This is really sad.

  7. Denis Balcazar says

    Artificial intelligence is the future, it has arrived to never leave us!

  8. jsj297 says

    Garry cashed his massive IBM check and admitted “defeat” now he poses as some high and mighty political theorist. Becoming a Fischer II SAD DAYS. Sell out

  9. Riz Fahrezi says

    Bots before: managed to win a match against the grandmaster of chessBots now: BE HONEST, DO YALL THINK IM CUTE OR NAH

  10. Vincent Le Gall says

    What is called AI is a team of engineers fuelling a computer: It is not intelligence is it?

  11. 01hondascott says

    this kicked off a huge chess boom in my junior high, it didn't matter of you were a jock, a geek, a prep, everyone was playing chess, there is a picture of me in my yearbook playing a game of chess on the bench in between shifts while playing in a basket ball game lol.

  12. Aditya Chowdhury says

    Chess relies on opponents making mistakes and miscalculations to win.Computers don't make mistakes.

  13. Haeleth 72 says

    Bobby Fischer would have beaten it. 🙂

  14. Arvin Jaylo says

    thats why i never won chess titan in WINDOWS 🙁

  15. NotGoodAtCombat says

    This is scary.

  16. Nikko Nikko says

    Anyone after reading Homo Deus?

  17. PGCN RCTT says

    even the fatest man in the world usanbolt up to 40-60 km / h cant compare to a ferrari or mercedeswe lost to machine

  18. Monkey D. Ivan says

    1:53 Is that Jim Lee's second coming?

  19. Collins says

    chess is the most underrated sport

  20. Anjaneya KAKKAR [10N14] says

    I think IBM Deep Blue used an engine's help to win

  21. Willy Pro says

    I wanna see IBM Deep Blue vs Google Deep Mind.That will truly be the match of the millennium

  22. A.N.L.A Anti Neo Liberalism Association says

    So skynet won

  23. jenhaiflich says

    why would he resign

  24. Vikhyath M says

    There needs to Deep Blue vs. The latest version of AlphaZero. Want to watch AlphaZero eat Deep Blue alive.

  25. Sin Zey says

    Computer never has championship cups, social respect and medals as compared to Kasparov. He was unbeaten BEAST! So computer yeah it did defeat Kasparov but still in human chess he was beast. And it was tie as Kasparov defeated deep blue once.

  26. phương Phạm says

    greateast man vs greatest group ( technology )1 time winbut in next time…

  27. Jason Suriadi says

    Deep blue: i saw 14,000,605 of our potential futuresWinning scenario: 1

  28. Subhani Shaikh says


  29. Nepravda I bred says

    IBM cheated. Karpov helped them in rematch.

  30. Anurag Singh Tomar says

    No one remembers that Garry Won the first game

  31. Joshua G says

    The computer doesn't even know it's playing chess, this isn't artificial intelligence

  32. John Smith says

    “Biggest news coverage for a chess event ever”What? Fischer vs Spassky?

  33. NELOY SINHA says

    People saying it was one man vs company..just try to remember when u started out to code was easy to write ,if u r given 12÷15 ,as 4/5 ,but trying to write a small code to tell the program to do it..not so much.

  34. Sharath Venkatesh says

    How many people here know that the computer crashed several times during the matches?

  35. 10,000 subscribers without any videos says

    Meanwhile the rocket league bots on my team…

  36. Alejandro Martínez says

    Even machines can play better chess than human beings, I don't enjoy any game played by computers.

  37. Ganzamalik says

    Waaaaaait a minute. Garry win 4 rounds, deep blue only 2. Garry win in this fight, no?

  38. danieldbdb says

    Unfortunately ibm cheated on this match

  39. Anwit Mondal says

    One russian guy vs a multi national company.

  40. barron8006 says

    The computer did make very adapative moves, which it was not programmedto do. Very suspicious. After Gary lost, IBM immediately dismantled the computer to preclude a re-match.

  41. Painite Eclipse says

    Damn Americans.

  42. Tony Nameless says

    This video should be titled: Americans cant defeat Russian brain with American brain so they hire Asians to make software that does it.

  43. Ariyan Wijaya says

    maybe in the future: deep throat is AI based sex worker robot

  44. Michael McNamara says

    I bet today a simple chess app can beat Kasparov

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