Deliciously Simple Fast Food Recipes With Gordon Ramsay


Some quick, simple and delicious fast food recipes.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit –

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  1. Aha! Kitchen says

    Had dinner few minutes back, I am hungry again after watching this video.

  2. Ohm Shifther says

    I'm Gangster here! ?

  3. Yousef Raed says

    Oregano meaning please in arabic i cant find in google

  4. DIAMOND LOW says

    is it a coincidence or is it that a masterclass Gordon Ramsay class ad in a Gordon Ramsay cooking video?

  5. Vulpx man 6 says

    Gordon i Love to cook with you

  6. EG_ Aspeccct says


  7. Ingrid Müller says

    I am Brazilian and in this quarantine I say so many videos about cooking that I really think I can open a restaurant after all that ?? (About the recipes) Do you know that in Brazil (specifically in São Paulo ) we eat hot dogs with mashed potatoes?

  8. The Bakeosaurus Rex says

    You know when owners on kitchen nightmares say he knows nothing They couldn’t be more wrong Gordon is the legit king of cooking

  9. 로또보이 says

    Its very good video.???

  10. Yeetus Confuctus says

    I wish i can cook so i can eat peacefully in quarantine

  11. Stormy Russell says

    Nah I would rather warmup some ramen noodles

  12. Howard Haraway says


  13. Creative Vlogger says

    Vietnamese style baguette with beef because I’m Vietnamese

  14. c0nen says

    Would be great if you could put timestamps into the videodescription when a new recipe beginns. This makes checking the "menu" for the recipe that one wants to cook much easier.

  15. Orange Cassidy says

    1 chicken breast can serve 2-3 easily…..Wait What?Or maybe its just me eating alot ?

  16. Alaaxted 1 says

    Thanks Gordon

  17. Karebu-San says

    Gordon Ramsay is Chef Bob Ross.

  18. Eshan Khan says indian street food

  19. Алла Щеголева says

    Now i could understand this man.. He inspired us) I'll try to cook noodles)

  20. sean paul says

    That's where the trouble began, that Olive oil, that damn Olive oil

  21. Lucid Perc says

    so ramsey eat glizzys now?

  22. Ethan Cozad says

    He doesn’t put beans in his chili you shouldn’t either

  23. Rabia Anjum says

    Ummm one chicken breast for three people..? Lol

  24. Cristian Negru says

    Anyone see he didnt season the eggs

  25. Eva Tokong says

    A touch of olive oil in the pan ouch ?

  26. Cheeseberry says

    That's the first time anyone has ever called Worcestershire sauce "Spicy"

  27. Human Being says

    Did anybody count how many times he said: sort of?

  28. Florian L. says

    Dude ? you never cock Bratwurst ?

  29. Vicky el Fathea says

    Pengen dah dibuatin kwetiaw sama ramsay

  30. harlemdez2012 says

    This easy all you need is unicorn piss, squid eyes, tears of a crying orphan and stardust Don't forget the nail of a T-Rex

  31. Andrew Sicklesteel says

    the sizzle be too loud with the mic right next to the wok

  32. Food & Trips says This video is about cooking Poha, a very popular North Indian dish. It is a quick and tasty breakfast recipe convenient for those who do not have time at their leisure, especially working professionals


    all the food looks so delicious

  34. Waggly Tag says

    @GordonRamsay do a video cooking a gammon joint like on your outro

  35. Mendo Maniac says

    Did um….did he boil that hot dog

  36. Bjorn A says

    the zooming in makes my head hurt

  37. Megha Suresh says


  38. djunninus lie says

    You need more coriander leaves on you banh mie (vietnamese bageutte)

  39. Brimful of Asha says

    If youre a massive foodie, i think you would looove my channel! Go ahead and click on my profile ❤️

  40. djunninus lie says

    The rice noodle you have to stir fry it first, so you'll got "wok hei" means smokey aroma so it would taste way better

  41. Xy7n says

    I'd love to see the ingredient list in the description.

  42. MARIE GALANTA says

    Juste en regardant, je me régale.Merci.

  43. Scooby Snacks says

    "Fast food" That, that ain't fast food Gordon

  44. Akshit Agarwal says

    Why is he using canned tomato purée when he hates it in MasterChef?

  45. Tristan Denio says

    I love your food it looks so good

  46. Finchi McQueen says

    Egg wasn't needed, in my biased opinion. I mean, the guy has no problem eating them damn near raw for Christ's sake. Kinda feel bad for the chicken too… having to be eaten next to its own ovulation.

  47. Richard Li says

    why are you boiling a hotdog it's like when you said in kitchen nightmares that you never boil a burger its the same thing?????

  48. Eric Stone says

    Thank you for this recipe mate I made this for my girlfriend and I and she said it was delicious

  49. Silent says

    I find it funny how I got a Gordon Ramsay ad whilst watching this

  50. Jakub Tyl says

    Where is the rule of silicone whisk or tong on teflon pan? – no in this kitchen

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