Drawing: Develop a Side Female Fashion Pose


This is from a DVD that accompanies the book Fashion Illustration for Designers by Kathryn Hagen. Ms. Hagen is a fashion illustration instructor at Otis College.

Ms. Hagen is very adept at creating lovely, stylized figures, heads and croquis for fashion design. Her tools include: Copic markers, Prismacolor pencils and markers, Tombo brush pens, gouache, liner pens and Milky Gel pens.

Even if you don’t study fashion illustraion per se, this book is an excellent resource for improving your skills with drawing and rendering the clothed figure. You can find it here

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  1. zet says

    what is the reason why you hold the pencil that way?

  2. Vanylla says

    cn i noe wat type of paper is that? is it tracing paper?

  3. clararfr says

    I wanned to know how u strated before all that, I wanna know how u do the inicial pose that strats in the video.

  4. sk8erkle says


  5. A Jones says

    Does it really move that quickly?

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