1. Juicy John says

    Thanks for 5K Subs!

  2. The Gamer Boys that Game. says

    welcome man
    your the best qb
    in football fusion

  3. Juan Puente says

    Is it really juicy jukes?

  4. Football Genius God says

    Join us in football game

  5. Football Genius God says


  6. derpycheezits387 says

    Guys what does "dime" and "moss" mean. I've been playing football fusion and EVERYONE SAYS IT AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN!!!!!

  7. RISE UP GAMES says

    You gained 7K in just over a month!

  8. Jules Nelson says

    Op team right here

  9. cringy _boi says

    I copped ur merch

  10. Julie Hosenfeld says

    Ye u r my fave yt

  11. LukeEqualtrasho.o says

    Hey i have been watching u since u were at 200 subs if u want to play some time my name is SoccerNieghbor i love you vids! They make me happy keep the work up

  12. Rodion Englund says

    i have good routes pls add me

  13. Xavion Walker says

    when you said juicy jukes there was no Jukes sorry if this is toxic I still like your vids

  14. roblox god says

    I like how John takes his own time out of his day to like all these commet's 🙂

  15. SAMUEL DOUCET says

    9:34 thats me im divine_sxlad

  16. mimi vital says

    How many time he said I’m a noob ?????

  17. Cornelius gaming says

    Can you just call it something else instead of juicy jukes because you never juke when you say they weren't ready for the juicy jukes

  18. king Lewis says

    Dime All

  19. Jeremiah Brown says

    Hey juicy 🙂 face reveal at 100k or 10k?

  20. Rain's Raw says

    My guy says juicy jukes when he runs straight

  21. Angela Michaels says


  22. Feathery King says

    So not to be mean but my team would’ve beat your team

  23. Feathery King says

    My team today scored 133 to 7 and I’m not even caping

  24. Assist Network says


  25. Zack Ah says

    that voice crack when juicy said juicy juice and fumbles lol thats funny

  26. REX -O agar says

    Video idea! : The NO 1 gloabl qb vs NO2 global qb 😀

  27. Curtis Johnson says

    Can u add me it’s luuhcurt

  28. Diana Pena says

    Can u do a face reval? Please

  29. Verified_Grim z says

    Who would like to see Juicy John vs Dimer Dillion??

  30. Limited Squad says

    i wish i could play with you someday!! i love your videos i watch them as soon as they come out! my username is LimitedSquad

  31. MARX says

    My team has score 105 before!

  32. Melissa Bennett says

    You tuber

  33. Melissa Bennett says

    This guy best YouTube ever

  34. Spence Inman says

    hey man maybe sometime we could play my user is axbolc

  35. Aneesh’s Vids says

    Even though his name is dimer Dillon you are still better at dimes

  36. Matthew J. says

    When he is the qb: "THAT'S A DIME" when he isn't but its still a complete pass: BRO YOUR TRASH

  37. Rivon Blake says

    My max pount count is 137 how much was urs? i have screen shot

  38. Exotic Tony says

    Hey… you think I can friend you now?

  39. Spi Der says

    Juicy dots

  40. Melissa Bennett says

    Add me my name is 29vam

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