Dubai Travel Guide 2018 | Things to do in dubai | Places to visit in dubai | best hotels in dubai


This video is a complete Dubai travel guide. Watch the full video if you ever wanted to visit dubai. SUBSCRIBE !!
We have covered every aspect of visiting dubai like :
1) things to do in dubai – ice park, dubai burj khalifa, dubai fountain boardwalk etc.
2) places to visit in dubai – the palm dubai, jumeirah beach, dubai aquarium, Sky dive dubai etc.
3) foods in dubai (What to eat) – shawarma, al machboos etc.
4) best restaurants in dubai – Ossiano restaurant, Atmosphere etc.
5) shopping destinations in dubai uae – dubai mall, gold souk etc.
6) best hotels in dubai – dubai burj al arab, atlantis etc.
7) dubai hotels : cheap hotels in dubai (budget hotels in dubai) – Airbnb, panorama hotel etc.

We have listed down everything you need to know about dubai before visiting, Do try them and please share your experience and suggestions with us on the comment section.

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  1. Cheyenne says

    loved this 🙂 wish I watched this before my trip to Dubai

  2. Phoebe Joel says

    Of all the Dubai videos i have watched, this is the most informative video i have seen. Well done guys and thanks for the insights.

  3. Kushal says

    Content is good…but video looks like the 1980's

  4. Andy Khan says

    can you tell us where the stuffed camel is available?

  5. Vishal Manani says

    SirWhat we can use for local sightseeing ?

  6. Vishal Manani says

    SirWhat will be approx travel budget for 5D 4N with 3* hotel and sightseeing ?

  7. Aman sen says

    superb video bro….😘😘

  8. Shan _ says

    Great video

  9. Christo Simon Destinations says

  10. Reenu Sandhu says

    Good attempt. But lack lot of basic info like time required at these locations, are these places kid friendly etc. You didnt cover about veggie food. Most dishes mentioned are non veg. Things like that…most activities mentioned are keeping singles or couples without kids in mind.

  11. Sweety Rehal says

    The next video of Paris

  12. Asma Abbasi says

    Dolphin Bay ticket price?

  13. Patricia Raza says

    It looks beautiful but I would rather be in a country with old world charm and ancient historical sites.That's just me I guess.

  14. Neelim Bordoloi says

    U guys are Assamese right.Please contact me n guide me as i am going to Dubai with family on 14th oct .My contact no is 9706287465.By the way guys great informative video

  15. jincy a m says

    l love Dubai… jincy Bharath

  16. jincy a m says

    l love DUBAI..jincy By a rage

  17. Dr Mugish Ahmed says

    Good Information and Nice video. Good efforts by you Guys.

  18. green planet says

    Keep it on

  19. R MCK says

    Thanks, Guys for your great video. Good ideas for when I visit in February 2019.

  20. Anurag Shrestha says

    Superb information bro keep it up

  21. Ms. Monjuri Mondal says

    can you share the desert safari contact

  22. handiable says

    Dubai is a piece of religious crap and they can't even dispose of their own poop properly. They definitely don't accept gays and transgenders but the men kiss all over each other and wear skirts also. Now go figure.

  23. Hulk Bruce Banner says

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  24. Explorer Mike says

    good video. I wish I had seen it before I went to Dubai. Honestly, though, if you are going on vacation and you can go anywhere in the world, Dubai should be on the bottom of your list. It LOOKS a lot cooler on the videos than it does in real life. In reality, Dubai is pretty boring.

  25. Seema Devi says

    Can I get an itinerary for 8day tour to Dubai.. plz fast

  26. Ayiensky Ayiensky says

    For islam muslim muslimah safety safely islam buildings …dubai beautyfully

  27. Kaddy Lakk says

    It's hard to understand

  28. Jana Zadrazilova says

    Super video

  29. Vishal Thakur says

    I am going to Dubai on 7th of april, should I exchange my money to Dhram in India or should I exchange in Dubai city..where can i get the best exchange rate..please help me..

  30. Satya Karri says

    Good Information. Wish I can watch this video without background music as it is hard to concentrate on your voice.

  31. shah abid says

    Amazing and pretty good info. One suggestion, please check your sound system. It is hard to understand some information.

  32. Morgo Travel Vlog says

    Nice video, you two have a great energy and you added valuable Info about this city👌 great job!!! I also launch a video about Dubai, I invite you to check it out! I just subb, we can support each others! Keep up the good work😊

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