Dude Perfect Go Kart Soccer | FACE OFF


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Tyler and Garrett FACE OFF against Cody and Coby in a game of GO KART SOCCER!

COMMENT with a game you want to see Dude Perfect face off in next!

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  1. Whistle says

    Check out Dude Perfect: Untold Stories, their new behind the scenes video including never-before-revealed DP secrets! http://bit.ly/DPUntoldStories

  2. Parul Bansal says

    Did someone of you observe that it was not really ty's first face-off win as all goals were scored by Garrett… Those who got it, well done.

  3. crazygamerYT 798 says

    You just posted dude perfect vedio it's not yours

  4. wa1w says

    It wasn't good till the end…too funny

  5. Caleb Jeffs says

    Jim Shorts hair is long and shorts are short! Jim Shorts from Yamaica

  6. #Team Cory says

    I think Cory and Coby should be the Announcer more offen

  7. Kyle Lindstrom says


  8. Brennan Kelly says

    Anyone else notice that garret got all 3 goals

  9. stephen Aulin says

    He looks like he were a banana

  10. Zachary DaSilva says

    why ervey time they score they are your favrite team and you are bioes

  11. flex_them1 gaming says

    I'm from Jamaica

  12. A.J. Smith says

    1:23 which editor is that in the red shirt or maybe… Panda

  13. Trevor Thwing says

    Who watch this doing COVID-19? 😀😃

  14. Frederick Gossen says

    Hi I’m your biggist fan

  15. Madison Farley says

    Anyone noticed they were playing soccer with a giant basketball? Like if you noticed

  16. The Galaxy Cat says

    Him gives golden hair and Ned gives golden boys

  17. sithumini Ranasinghe says


  18. Basheer Jamal says

    Cory is the BEST ANCHOR

  19. KB Kachru says

    Lov Jim shorts because he has shorts are shot

  20. Joyce McDonnell says

    Jim schorts is funny

  21. Joseph Matron says

    Forget Ned Forrester, we need more Jim Shorts

  22. Casey Siefert says

    I wanna see Jim Schorts be on wheel unfortunate.

  23. Nagaraja V says

    Jim is superb

  24. Night Gamer says

    Go kart soccer with a basketball real smooth

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