Dynamic Soccer Warm Up


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Soccer warm-up for either pre-game or pre-practice to prepare players both physically and mentally for competition or high intensity practice. More at:

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  2. Daniel Avakian says

    How many sets and reps should it be performed for and how minutes for a rest?

  3. Soccerspective says

    Really like the coaching points on the bottom right and the use of the overlayed information to give the viewer maximum insight. Well done!

  4. Sven Doppen says

    This is great! Thanks!

  5. Aziz Afghan says

    Sir how we improve our stamina for match? Plz sir reply me

  6. aediasse says

    How fast are they supposed to go in the acceleration area? It seems like these players are at 60-70%?

  7. Prince Etoh Kingsley says

    Legend Sport Academy kumba is benefiting Alot from these wonderful exposure. Many thanks and let the game bring peace to the world

  8. dohot hoda says

    Very good

  9. Peter Outa says

    Your mindset is your life and your destiny

  10. Jhakash says


  11. Eva’s World says

    This warm up will be great for my team training Today!! Could you possibly make for some younger kids teams?

  12. NXT LVL Soccer Academy says

    Good ideas, will incorporate these.

  13. Omar Elorza says

    Great drill!

  14. Dwaipayan Datta Roy says

    But where is the boll feet at

  15. Aladji Diop says


  16. William Maxwell says

    A lot of variation, keeps players moving, and good use of change direction.

  17. mets karate says


  18. jjtru21 says

    With technology and youtube coaching the next generation has a tremendous advantage as their predecessors. Lucky kids I wish his was around when I was a youngster.

  19. Henrique Sousa says

    Good training???

  20. Abdalla Aboshahma says


  21. Miguel Rulez1 says


  22. BiggiemanMD says

    I did these with my U10 boys Friday and they love it. Great for stimulating their awareness, competitiveness, and agility.

  23. kurnool. jana says


  24. Believer Abubakar says

    It's good and understandably

  25. J.Antonio Martín Giraldo says

    estupendos ejercicios para calentar

  26. wailuaroots says

    Beautiful use of aerial footage ????

  27. expense chitukutuku says

    Good drills thank you



  29. First Eleven Soccer Academy says

    I would correct some of the players movements as some are not doing it correctly. I'm big on developing correct mechanics and technique as if you don't and let it progress you will end up enforcing bad habits. Good video

  30. Mgxterra Gonzalez says


  31. Tyrone Douglas says

    how old are these kids?

  32. DeckSkillz says

    Nice warm-up!!

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