Everything New With Camera & Photos in iOS 14! 30+ Changes & Features!


Apple has changed a lot with iOS 14 when it comes to the Photos app and the Camera app. We take a deep dive in all the features you can expect when the update is released this fall.

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  1. Henry says

    HAVING TROUBLE WITH PHOTOS WIDGET? Look no further, download an app called photos widget where you can add up to 10 photos to cycle through then hold down the Home Screen to add the widget named ‘photos widget’, hoped this helped!

  2. Jose Jimenez says

    I got this thing Snapchat, after I take a picture it gets like lighter, or blurrier I don’t know what’s the problem, never happened to me in iOS 13

  3. Kenson25 says

    How do I put a specific picture on my home screen widget ???

  4. Salma Hashem says

    I don’t have the mirror front camera option and the view out of the frame options despite running on iOS 14

  5. Carl Youngboy says

    who else has a green dot on they cameras👁👄👁

  6. Ace John Ting says

    Photo widget says "No content available" how do I fix this?

  7. Carla Merely says

    and when i will be able to delete photos from the main library and have them just in my albums

  8. Michael Jaw says


  9. CodeRedCody says

    Why does my iPhone not have all those camera settings despite being on ios 14?

  10. Jhon Manahan says

    I need help on the iOS photo widget part, it says no content and I can’t seem to add the photos of my choice.

  11. Kobe Garcia says

    When I add the photo widget i can’t see a single picture. It just says “no content available” can you help me pleaseeee

  12. robert sprague says

    Yeah, after the iOS 14 update I noticed my picture quality kind of went downhill…My pics we turning out kind of blurry even though the lighting conditions were decent…I turned off that “prioritize faster shooting” setting and that seemed to help.

  13. angel hueso says

    my photo widget says no content plz help

  14. Stelios Kapet says

    Those are not in the iPhone X

  15. Chaz from UK says

    Be nice to be able to trim video and import to album, only get option to import to shared album.

  16. Jason Puru says

    Just came here for the comments 🧐🧐🧐Whose with me ?

  17. sienna Natale says

    How do I make a Live Photo with the new update cause it wont let me?

  18. En Dela Cruz says

    My camera UI hasn’t change after i update it

  19. TheOnlyEn says

    2:30 only on 11…….

  20. TheOnlyEn says

    Whats the point og the volum up buttom burst thing? Cant see ant changes with it on or off?

  21. Geert Hasevoets says

    Hi, is it possible to create (and manage) maps in IpadOS14 Beta?

  22. palmlag says

    It will be helpful to share the iPhone model you are using to demo the beta. It took me a while to realize my iPhone X cannot work with the mirror front lens camera. If I'm saying it right.

  23. RogueRebel 1333 says

    What’s the green thing on top right of camera

  24. hullstar242 says

    The smooth zooming in photos was already in iOS 13

  25. Wissam says

    I have a question, I have an iPhone X will i get these new camera features?

  26. SugxrPlum says

    How do you add specific photos to the widget? I’ve been trying but I can’t find anything that says it!

  27. Treena Jobe says


  28. Ryan Montoya says

    Great video!

  29. Fahad Alostath says

    How can I change the picture in the widget

  30. P S says

    Overkill on photos.

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