1. Jon Snow says

    What about Vikings vs packers 2015?

  2. Chef Carl Casper says

    I love me some gaping holes

  3. It's yo boy Smile says

    What about Chris Jones

  4. Sam Johnson says

    You missed a lot do on or two more vids King had way more than just one, pats, packs and Ravens Should have one each. Not to mention if your doing college there is way more like a whole vid or two more.

  5. Antoine says

    Lol Dummas call by the Seahawks, running up an already blow out score and risk injuring your punter. Classic pete Carol play call

  6. Philly Eagles For Life says

    4:51 Yeah that wasn't a fake punt, it was a bad snap and he saw a lane to the first down and got it

  7. Ty Hoffman says

    I was like why don’t they do this every 4th down and saw5:15

  8. Garrett says

    Woo pig

  9. Bavarian Wolf says

    what is this shitquality? Which pixel is the football?

  10. ddawgg23 says

    There was another one in Titans vs. Texans this year in Week 2 that went in for a touchdown.

  11. Mr. Sir says

    5:45 The Seahawks with the worst fake punt😂 the punter looking like a rag doll

  12. Lyle Stavast says

    there's just something special about the fake punt – I love 'em all !

  13. Clown Yates says

    The seahawks one was pointless

  14. Zombie says

    Cameraman gets rocked at 1:06

  15. joeriveracomedy says

    Cingular wireless? So crappy

  16. Colton says

    Thanks so much for

  17. kevin e-anaba says

    lmao at 0:45/0:46 the girl looking at her Georgia banner. She was high key sad 😁😁

  18. Jose Hernandez says

    The browns!!!!!! Holy shit y don't they do stuff like that anymore

  19. Mister Nobody says


  20. AI. Bandit says


  21. bowlchamps37 says

    4:53 is not a fake punt. He felt the pressure and ran

  22. bowlchamps37 says

    So dumb to waste a trick play in a Hall of Fame game. Only the Bills would do that

  23. Basement Baseball League BBL says

    When Villanova played football

  24. kev hollywoodgamer says

    They make fake punting so easy. Teams should do u it more often i always llay fourth down never punt.

  25. Cristian D63 says

    I feel so bad for the cute girl at 0:45 looking at her sign

  26. firebirdude2 says

    4:50 That probably wasn't a designed fake. The Center threw it in the dirt. LOL

  27. ilovebrandnewcarpets says

    Seahawks (not Ryan personally) deserved that. You're up 21 with 5 minutes left. Act like you've been there before.

  28. Quinton Baker says

    3:26 RIP Mike Sadler, miss you and your amazing smile and outlook on life.

  29. 24 Lancelot says

    5:50 is a pajama party.

  30. Elliott says

    4:53 wasn't a fake punt, King knew a punt would be blocked and ran

  31. TheMt45 says

    That first one was so gutsy.

  32. Double D says

    That Chiefs and Falcons game was one of the best games of the 2016 season… was even better then the Super Bowl

  33. Naaman Castillo says

    this guy is a cowboy hater we did good fake punts too

  34. infinity v2 says

    Thank God that kids name is Sam ERWIN hill and not Sam hill

  35. NavDocRet says

    I hate when people use other peoples videos to make a video!!   Thumbs down.

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