If you’ve ever had fashion emergencies, we’ve got some great quick fix-it tips that can save the day, and your dignity. Here are some of the greatest, the most creative and helpful tutorials that show you how to turn ordinary items of clothing into something totally fresh and new!

Instead of replacing clothing at the first sign of wear and tear, why not use these clothing hacks to keep your clothing fresh, fixed and free! Don’t forget to give thumbs up and subscribe to 123GO’s YouTube channel if you want to see more of our helpful videos soon!

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  1. Lola Dimoff says

    Video: it’s about to get crafty up in here!Me: it’s about to get glitchy up in here!Office Ladies Podcast anyone..?

  2. Vuyelwa Ngonyama says

    but 123 go , what if you made a mistake like you see when Vikki forgot about the costume party , and she made her costume of superwoman but what if i made a mistake like i burned my shirt using iron by mistake , what will i do?

  3. Vuyelwa Ngonyama says

    vikki and two girls who have long hair and sofia you guys are beautiful , kevin you are funny , you see the part were kevin and the long hair girl that was so terrible , your dress got ripped and you fixed that was like magic

  4. Maitreyee Das says

    My vicky

  5. Alyanna :p says

    the question is why would you bring a stapler?

  6. Bianca Berry says

    Vicky:I'ma run to the bathroom real quickHer 5 secs later:in a living roomLike bruh

  7. jyothi boddapati says

    I it is amazing

  8. kassem nizam says

    Who wants to hear the real voices! Leave a like????

  9. Micheal Mojaliseki says


  10. Amazing Amy says

    Matte army green

  11. Amazing Amy says

    Army green or black no debating

  12. DEEPA K B says

    Is that real pee from that dog????

  13. Catcakeworld Musictime says

    2:18 Y'all really be breaking up over a dress-

  14. nabiha tashrin says

    #Lana#Vickyboth are nice☺☺

  15. Elise Derzhay says

    The person sitting next to Vickie in the cafeteria looks like Meghan Markle

  16. Ťhë Fłămïńğø says

    Bloopers: Ms Apllebee looked like "Will this ever end?"

  17. Ťhë Fłămïńğø says


  18. Ťhë Fłămïńğø says

    I think that this voice that the girl is talking could match for Vucky

  19. Yesher Torres says

    Are you serious the dog onion on you

  20. Yesher Torres says

    You are really brilliant

  21. Asha Gupta says


  22. Nicoleta Curpan says

    Wierd faces

  23. Nekorah Bowen says

    I love the characters

  24. jose kanichai says

    When Vicki put the pants on her it was so beautiful ?

  25. Batsal Raj says

    I like you

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