FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: Canada's Drag Race – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Raja and Raven are tooting and booting the Canadian queens’ second design challenge, where they had to create couture from plastic, metal, or paper! Find out if Canada’s Drag Race is available on WOW Presents Plus in your territory:


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  1. Bruce Nugent says

    Raven is starting to look like a plastic doll….too much work. Stop already

  2. Just Cade says

    Raven's makeup looks especially amazing today.

  3. Vee Ollivier says

    Jimbo is such an incredibly talented artist! Absolute fave in the whole competition

  4. matthejsjjsshanjsjs heuejshsjss says


  5. Jnori says

    There wasn’t one boot!

  6. Daniel Smith says

    Raven looks SO FUCKING GOOD

  7. S F says

    I just wished that BOA had found a necklace or something.

  8. J B says

    you hear that jeffrey? top toot of the week

  9. Jennua77 says

    Raven's makeup is so good it's bewildering.

  10. Jerpica.d says

    The lady and the tramp figurines in the cabinet behind Raven ?

  11. Be Mi says

    Raja said its Ru Paul's drag race Canada edition, but is it ? isn't it called Canada Drag race ?

  12. ro lat says

    Raven looks red ?

  13. sleepmeld says

    I saw Priyanka's dress on the episode and thought "oh she is definitely in the bottom" even SHE was surprised lol

  14. Kieran Daly says

    Weird wigs but very interesting costumes. Jimbo is exceptional

  15. lauti caren says

    Jimbo being top toot this episode makes totally sense with my fantasy

  16. Sara M says

    Jimbo of course killed it once again! But holy Priyanka looks like such a model in that photo!

  17. Javier Mondar-Flores says

    Is raven wearing the blows Naysha Lopez wore in the roller skating challenge ?! Was it a set blows ?

  18. Caroline Lefebvre says

    Raven looks like a mom and raja looks like a hela monster on acid

  19. david lopez says

    Why aren't Raja and Raven judging? Their comments are so much constructive and objective.

  20. Alexis-Lee Lockwood says

    I LOOOOOVE this coral colour eye on Raven, so beautiful!!!

  21. Miss Vanjie says

    Raven your mug is stunning

  22. Jearld Jaramillo says

    Love this much more than … * erm erm* some other judges critiques .

  23. Amanda Cline says

    Raven's make up this episode…omg. Breathtaking ???

  24. Samuel Drinkwine says

    Raven is nominated for the 2020 Prime Time Emmy Awards! Congrats queen!!!

  25. Rubby Riesta says

    Even Raja and Raven give the TOP Toot to Jimbo…Jeffrey who??

  26. Shakil Jessa says

    when the trend alert is literally what the challenge is…


    I really don’t get all the Jimbo love here. I don’t think that silhouette looks half as good on her as she thinks it does. I also think the gold spiked belt is way too big and throws the whole thing off. Also not feeling the Marie Antoinette fantasy with that stringy white wig. ??‍♀️

  28. Agju says

    i love Raven's wig <3

  29. Abigail Krauss says

    Jimbo's giving me real Katya vibes

  30. Deficient Girl says

    Raven, look you fuckin gorgeoussss?

  31. Defensive Potato says

    And the trend issssssss The challenge

  32. H P says

    A fashion queen winner and 2 times runner up fashion queens knows EXCATLY what they were talking about.

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