1. Christian Jeremiah Pioquinto says

    they look like on Milan fashion week. the body tho😮

  2. Jaelen M. says

    OMG I want to dress like this everytime I go outside but I know SOMEONE is going to come up to me and say “Omg you’re so extra and fancy. Why are you so dressed up?” I hate it. 😔🥺

  3. Dinda Dwi Nugraheni says

    Kok gaada yang sambil makan cilok sih

  4. Priya _ says

    I feel like the person who recorded it didn't take their permission or is it just me ?

  5. zeen KAHN says

    Nothing good..looks like pastries roaming in streets😂

  6. Augusto Ledesma says

    Esto es acoso!

  7. Adoraryl says

    I think they are just dressing like this to make ticktok videos

  8. crying for taehyung's visual says

    Dios, man, qué gente tan perfecta. Me odio por haber nacido horrenda y, a parte, pobre. :(2:58 cada día más torta4:12 Chau man. Si antes de ver este video creía tener aunque sea una gota de autoestima, ahora es prácticamente inexistente.

  9. Mimoth Moranica says

    One thing that i realized from this video is, we can't live without Cell phone on our hand

  10. Quinn M says

    The majority of the clothes look fairly straightforward, like what anyone else would wear in a city. I think the differences that all of these people have porcelain skin and are incredibly tiny and many of them are tall. They also look like they spend a lot of time perfecting their hair and make up. I'm actually glad that many of them are just wearing clothes that you can buy on the high St., Asics as opposed to the influencers and models who clearly have insanely expensive clothes. Also, I hope that many of the people in the video are not participating in fast fashion culture, because that seems to be a requirement of seeming fashionable.

  11. Farin Wikarta says

    Are they eat daily?

  12. Zane Alegre says

    Coz they have an unlimited supply of fake stuff

  13. Samantha Loves BTS says

    So we just record people now…. Okay 😭

  14. mergistribu says

    ugh flat arse…

  15. Gloriaborger says


  16. lee teuk all the drinks says

    if someone tells you the way you dress is gay, they're not wrong — didnt it come out of the closet that very morning ~some tumblr

  17. Johnnydeppfantastic says

    How they all casually look like models ahhh 😭😭😭

  18. ramzy haidar says

    communism not found

  19. 3naad 3nad says

    صورني وكأني ما ادري ههههه

  20. Öküz Bılal Esek Samn says

    Abi neden bukadar açık ben böyle giyinsem benim ailem benim azı ma yapar

  21. pcy chogiwhy says

    imagina que sonho gente, todo mundo andando na rua mexendo no celular sem medo de ser assaltado, crying in brazilian kkjjkkkkkkkk

  22. •Kitty Queen• says

    Not sure how all these people feel about being recorded

  23. Effie Yu says

    Such a contrast from Norway; where everyone wears the same!

  24. Am04 says

    Yo the first boy tho 🥵🥵

  25. Elina Fdes says

    So they're all skinny n tall….. Fit bodies?

  26. WillJ Y says

    Is it like a tradition or smthing to dress like ure in a fashion show? Or is there some sort of "fashion season" or some festival going on there?

  27. Shalu Mishra says

    I would not survive this LIVE 🥵🔥😍♥️

  28. Alexa says

    That's only the young folks. So many Chinese look like farmers

  29. Anna Paliderová says

    In streets in my town lmao there would be like three people dressed up

  30. DioSundoro says

    In China, everyone dress like the Kardashians

  31. Leighla says

    So I'm guessing that people walk by this way because they know they could be photographed/filmed? Some of them seem self conscious

  32. Veronica Indra says

    are they just random ppl just passing by or models tho?

  33. LegendxHeart 64 says

    if i had been there, i be lookin' like rags im telling you

  34. hanxxb j says

    I used to live in beijing and shanghai.. I would say it was really rare to see such fashionable people there. most university students didn't seem to care about fashion and most girls didn't even wear make up. Never have I seen people wearing like this on random streeets in china even though I lived in such big cities

  35. Shooky Cooky says

    I saw a lot of HIPSTER style mann~~~~~😎

  36. Will Mcdade says

    what part of china is this

  37. Liu Maria says

    This is so normal to me because I’m Chinese ;-;

  38. Alia Khan says

    Wow it's amazing 😍

  39. Morning Glory says

    China corona

  40. marcin togeldon says

    All i see are phones and zombies!!! Zomophones!!!!

  41. moU fIVe says

    Spanish fashion is objectively better but i preffer chinese style of women

  42. Green Future says


  43. OurAgeOfReason 7 says

    看了那么多 感觉杭州最潮,成都额也不错

  44. Bro Li says

    ..nice dress..

  45. Colin fleetham says

    They are all beauitafull and their clothes are so cool

  46. めりえむ says

    Finally not long legs

  47. nas taran says

    If regular Chinese people dress like this why are they so difficult towards their celebrities with Cyber bullying that I thought they won't accept short skirt … ? Because I saw mean comments about how they are not dressing properly,

  48. Haku says

    Too much

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