First computer to sing – Daisy Bell


“Daisy Bell” was composed by Harry Dacre in 1892. In 1961, the IBM 7094 became the first computer to sing, singing the song Daisy Bell. Vocals were programmed by John Kelly and Carol Lockbaum and the accompaniment was programmed by Max Mathews. This performance was the inspiration for a similar scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do

I’m half crazy all for the love of you

It won’t be a stylish marriage

I can’t afford a carriage

But you’ll look sweet upon the seat

Of a bicycle built for two.

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  1. Fox says

    Why do I find this so creepy

  2. felipe rodriguez ledezma says

    imagine a homicidal AI singing this song while diying

  3. Black Cat says

    oh fuck it's miku's grandpa

  4. InCerebralTerms says

    For some reason this makes me profoundly sad. I can't hardcore cry anymore but I listened to this on loop until I teared up. I love it but it fills me with a bittersweet feeling.

  5. Sunwardmean516 1 says

    Anyone else here from the scream tv show?

  6. CFTWCFTL says

    This is actually a Serbian guy (who hasn't posted for 1 year)

  7. Patrick Mercader says

    Thats adorable . Now i understand the Joke from mass effect 2 with EDI

  8. exp 610 says

    I got nervous because the first few words reminded me of the song Hal sang while he was being turned off

  9. Furriez Playz says

    This is freaking creepy for me ;-;

  10. giovanny roblox says

    Crazy how this was from ibm and now Russian bruh girls are using this on tiktok

  11. Max says

    how hard it is to recreate a full alphabet from voicelines?edit: like in vocaloid

  12. parrotpuff says

    the first every vocaloid wasnt even a vocaloid

  13. Fl00fi Q says

    Why is this creepy, but cute in a way?

  14. powderseas says

    i dont understand how people find this cute i mean i have no problem with it but its so fucking creepy YET I STILL LISTEN TO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN im going to have fucking nightmares omg

  15. Googel Nutzer says

    Who is here from last hope too?

  16. 1105 says


  17. Apolo Space 20 says

    Do you guys realize that in 2001: Space Oddysey, Hal songs the same song on a part?

  18. Socially Undead says

    He's got an oddly adorable voice.He's also better at singing than me.

  19. 1年前・ 2ヶ月前 says


  20. Eric Poole says

    Anyone else a bit weirded out? Sounds like a Roomba!

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