Football Manager 2013 Trailer


Football Manager 2013 Trailer. Join us on Facebook & Twitter & Sports Interactive’s Studio Director Miles Jacobson presents the game’s new and improved features !

Football Manager 2013 Trailer. Release date : out before Christmas 2012 ! Suscribe now to get the latest gameplay trailers, walkthrough and ingame videos !

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  1. Dudekan MAcIsTired says

    So long story short the made better balls

  2. alexarw1 says

    @nippie221 i never experienced that, ive played with Ajax and i won almost all prices there are to get, dont lose much games either and my players where growing very fast, in game view is funny and works perfectly. good game!

  3. ybb says

    best manager game till today.

  4. LearningTo LetGo says

    My mum called a meeting with me, due to my addiction on Football Manager… I sent my assistant.

  5. faj15steam says

    Yes it is?

  6. fixitkilla says

    no shit sherlock =D

  7. joshuaneilherbert says

    incorrect, in Australia it's football. as im Australian i would know.

  8. nippie221 says

    Yep so true

  9. nippie221 says


  10. Styphelus says

    Wrong, in Canada, Australia and South Africa it's soccer. In Italy it's Calcio, Podo'sfero in Greece, Piłka NożnaKorat in Poland and Alqadam in Arabic speaking countries.

  11. Adam Skovran says

    Is this a trailer or what?

  12. cristowwal39 says

    Lmao they fucked up the name, this is soccer not football XD!!!!!!

  13. frederick johnson says

    Load of bollocks, The idiot sits there boasting how much this shit game has improved, bullshit.

    I had the same problems that nippie221 had with injuries for 7 seasons usually at a quarter finals, one against wolves and i lost 5-0 4 major players got injured and 2 got sent off. it's far from reallity, no team has ever had the same players get injured at around the same time of every season for 7 seasons. So mr design stop ripping us off get off your fat arse and appolise for your fuck up

  14. MrSolitude14 says

    classic, this kind of `fabricated` event is always exist, since FM 2008…for example, when versus a team that stronger than your team, that your opponent team score a goal below the 10 minutes, your winning chance is reduced to 20%.

  15. Nigel Thomas says

    Sack the design staff, this is the worst game sports interactive have ever released, Watching matches is a fucking joke! through ball to my cf only the goalie to beat but no!!! the dick slows down to wait for the defender to catch up…. and hey presto it's 1-0 to the other team. Injuries every season at semi finals and finals always the best players and i'm on my eleventh season. It's a waste of money, this guy should be boasting how well they managed to fuck everyone over with their cash

  16. nippie221 says

    Every season towards an important match you key players will always get injured, as i was into the third season i thought i should just not play three key players for a match u needed to with the league.. and what a suprise!! all three got injured in trainning… It didn't end there, Another three got injured on the pitch and two sent off, So yes this game is beyond a joke,

  17. nippie221 says

    Complete fail…. watching the match 3d will either anger you or if you don't really care about winning Laugh. I've seen on an number of occasions where the one of my strikers hits the ball And a world Class striker gets it on the rebound Facing the goal. he just needs to tap it in ~But no… he waits till the goalie gets back to his feet THEN!! decides to kick it to the opposition and gives them a counter attack giving them a goal…20 pounds i spent on the game was a joke.. I was robbed

  18. CptEggmanYT says

    Holy nose, batman!

  19. İslam Yıldız says

    bok gibi olmuş

  20. pyro3366 says

    right now it is like the 8th most played online game on steam; why?

  21. Janel DelaVrancea says

    fail game…

  22. Halil OZAN AĞCA says

    0:14 ahahha

  23. jt663 says

    That guy is so charismatic

  24. dimscarecrow says

    that was the beta version,the released game has descent moves

  25. Picasso Pablo says

    It more looks like ice Hockey game, com'on players are not running they are slipping.

  26. Domagoj says

    Who's Pegi? Why she's 3?

  27. Alvin Herlambang says

    There is a difference between a simulator and a game

  28. The Mentalist says

    plz somebody help me i just bought ftball mnger 13 for my pc. i open the game and then i can not select anything, which buttons you use to play the game?

  29. dead account says

    You mean Handegg. LOLOL 😉

  30. dimscarecrow says

    dude how can u say this?
    In my opinion its the worst manager ever.
    I bought the game its JUNE and the game still crashes…..
    I made a huge mistake by buying the game and i ll never buy it again

  31. Cold weather says

    Best game ever!

  32. Vel Alexandre says

    Huns Dos Melhores Jogos

  33. We do not deserve the joy that is Diana Cavendish says

    Nah, just stop pulling things out of your ass, I personally don't give a damn if you ever watch the two codes ever in your life

  34. GamingPhone says

    Might want to do a little more research.

  35. GamingPhone says

    LOL rugby is a completely different sport.

  36. GamingPhone says

    That's probably because it is played throughout the world. If it was only played in England it wouldn't be.

  37. Fernando Dale says

    No, the one that doesn't looks like a chess game.
    American football is very boring thats probably why football(the real one)
    is the most popular game in the world…

  38. GamingPhone says

    The one where you cry for 10 minutes when a ball hit your leg a little too hard?

  39. GrandmasterTigerfist says

    How do i make countries like Indian, Malaysian leagues generate better young talents who i can bring in to european clubs?

  40. Scott says

    Haha hard work from the match engine team. What a crock of shit.

  41. AjH says

    Stupid game ? Wow.

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  43. jose geraldo jorge cruz says

    pes 2013 and fifa 13 sao melhores

  44. Chadchol Meesaeng says

    Not just troll but obviously stupid. 😀

  45. shin nohara says

    stupid ei? = so tell me how can i go out here? where's the door outside? LMAO = think before you speak fool! this comment i made was 4 months ago and you just came here recently! get lost you kiddo! and didn't you understand what i said? I thought its AMERICAN FOOTBALL -_- 1 out of every 3 people are idiots. Look at the person on your left. Now look to your right. Don't see 'em yet?

  46. marsmars says

    looks like dude from shrek xD

  47. Faraon Keops says

    Download full with crack !

  48. faj15steam says

    Handball is already a sport.

  49. fixitkilla says

    or handball cuz the use the hands more then the foot ffs 😛 but no1 ever accused the us and a to be a intelligent continent in any perspectives ;P

  50. Lemonhead86 says

    Depends on what country you live in.

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