Forza Horizon 4 Soundtrack / Music ( Menu )


Forza Horizon 4 Soundtrack / Music ( Menu )
German Gameplays von KaioSto3D

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  1. marcdinatale_ says

    forza horizon 3 was way better

  2. Garneth Lucero says

    I like that song i wish i have that game

  3. szewei85 says

    Haha so mellow mang

  4. Anna K says


  5. michciotoja says

    when menu had better music than radio

  6. Kateryna Hostynetska says

  7. Kateryna Hostynetska says

    Nobody knows soundtrack name? (I wanna listen this for 10 hourz <3)

  8. Plínio Gamer_BR says


  9. kuba bob says

    i prefer the 3 menu

  10. Rio SG says

    I had high expectations for this game and it was a massuve letdown, i dont like the music but am not hithered about that as its kinda inevitable as peoples tastes move on while mine are still back in 2010 to the 80s before i was alive

  11. Yoda 001 says

    Really good song but personally nothing beats the horizon 2 menu song

  12. Roman Summers says

    I could do a 4hr version it's like sleep music

  13. Roman Summers says

    Most of the forza songs sound beutiful

  14. Owen Kempe says

    I have to admit horizon 3 intro music was better

  15. E Oscar says

    Which main menu song is better forza horizon 3 or 4?

  16. Jose Simoes says

    This game is amazing

  17. games dih says

    Eu sou brasileiro e eu jogo muito Forza Horizon

  18. TechAbyss says

    Nothing like forza horizon 2

  19. Emmanuel Charway says

    1:23 think of aryton senna 😢

  20. Saturn Lightning / FrostByte The Cat says

    This gameIs what made the McLaren Senna special to me

  21. CodeGMD says

    ODESZA is just… 😍

  22. froggo doggo says

    This is gonna be in a nostalgia playlist in 20 years

  23. Manu says

    Best "arcade" Racing Game ever made 🤗

  24. Brandon Welbig says

    Like if your an ODESZA fan <3

  25. xcmon3yx777 says

    FH3 > FH4

  26. Abdelkrim Hamza says

    Ayem love

  27. 金子浩寿 says


  28. seweryn1980 says

    Listening to this song, I cried

  29. Erik Souza says

    You could put the Forza Horizon 1 main menu music Because all your Forza Horizon menus songs are great

  30. LastStopGaming says

    Every time I load in, I wait until the song is over and watch the amazing video to go with the amazing music.

  31. Brandon Welbig says

    ODESZA <3

  32. Kenan Basuki says

    TAKE ME AWAY still better

  33. Gohar's World says

    forza always has best themes

  34. 1976firedog says

    Best opening music ever! 😍😍

  35. dragon _HD says

    Très belle musique mais c normale c forza il y a toujours de belle musique 😉😅😆😊☺😀😁😂😃😄😉😎😏

  36. João Mecenas says

    Nice song

  37. STORM GSZ says

    ODESZA – A Moment Apart. The original song available on Apple Music 🍎.

  38. AUSTRIA MAFIA says

    Wie heißt dass Auto im Hintergrund?

  39. Áquila Guedes 8B says

    I really love this game

  40. Mariocat99 says

    Wish someone did the lobby musics. like that spanish type song and some others

  41. Will Roper says

    Song is called A moment apart by ODESZA.

  42. Andre Roberson says

    This makes me wanna go to great britain

  43. Samuel Estevan says

    Jogo top.

  44. Manuel Kumar says

    Forza horizon 😍

  45. Yahya Hamarsheh says

    Like if you are forza fan

  46. Сергей Столетов says


  47. LHudson21201 says

    This reminds me of a person i lost recently, my best friend; so i bawl like a baby listening to this, but i can't stop. Please be careful of dangerous drivers as a pedestrian. For Jason's sake.

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