#GALAXY11 – The Full Match – Lionel Messi ft C.Ronaldo vs Ailens Team (Part 1,2,3) HD


”ReNo9Prod” brings to you new compilation about #GALAXY11 – The Full Match – Lionel Messi ft C.Ronaldo vs Ailens Team (Part 1,2,3) HD!
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  1. ADN PH3ONIX says

    Imagine if this was an actual team..

  2. Heroic super lads says

    reporter where are defenders beckanbaur yes

  3. Jabeen Nawab says

    Ronney scored a classic goal

  4. Jabeen Nawab says

    Frist benckenbaur an insane player and he forgot ABOUT DEFIVSE….second DUDE RONALDO IS NOT A DEFENDER

  5. Tahana Moyo says

    There’s a vid in your ads

  6. Alejandro Miguel Hurtado says

    why a lot of adds? 🙁

  7. Lucas Bullz says

    Check your chemistry bro

  8. Luhlzen Luhzen says

    We need Mustafi

  9. Eze Nnodim says

    Best football movie I've ever watched, also thanks for adding Samsung Galaxy 11. I can't believe Messi and Ronaldo has to be together

  10. Hey Dude says


  11. ordinary guy says

    This is the costliest ad ever

  12. JJ Krs says

    Why is there no Single defender?

  13. Daniel 10 says

    Messi scored like gabo

  14. Daniel 10 says

    Moses is useless ? use mbappe or inesta

  15. Daniel 10 says


  16. Daniel 10 says

    Put zaltan he will destroy them

  17. Gonçalo Pagaimo says


  18. OpTic FanBoy says

    lol headass

  19. silly Camara says


  20. KrATos Wish says

    AT 20:12 Galaxy 13

  21. ᖫGlazeᖭ says

    Messi was chosen first because he's the best ?

  22. hsbxjd bdjs says

    Where the heck is modrić and neymar???



  24. Infinity says

    Galaxy11: Win a football matchAliens: Understandable, have a nice day.

  25. K.A says


  26. David Marques says

    In the start everyone was normal in the match there animated

  27. Rekha Thapa says

    Wow l like it so nice❤️?

  28. Harshitha M says

    Only football can save the world???????

  29. Kristian Escober says

    This is the most cinematic and most insane samsung add i have ever seen.

  30. leonidas sparta says

    I think pepe didn't agree to play football with aliens. His plan was something more brutal.

  31. RonaldoMESSI_XD RBLX says

    Wow. Amazing! felt realistic! one of the best!

  32. Swurvex Falcon says

    Still gives me goosebumps 19:30

  33. nkemdirim mbah says

    i'm better than Meesi because i have beat crestian ronaldo

  34. Reuben 145 says

    Hmm ads on an ad

  35. Onjee Argos says

    so this was before the avengers end game no wonder Thanos wanted to destroy earth he lost n a damn football game !!!

  36. Jose Hulkko says

    why did u put it like ailens

  37. Miguel Angel Gomez says

    El tigre falcao representando? ????

  38. Noorlida Rahaman says


  39. deepak goel says

    the best goal in the end was of C.Ronaldo

  40. Dawid2247 says

    Why dont I see john stones?

  41. SHADOW Clan says

    How are aliens this good

  42. Berwyn Wantah says

    imagine there was an alien invasion but somehow the worlds fate is determined by Football lmao

  43. Jah Mah says

    Good from messi

  44. Fire Gamer says

    like los que hablan español

  45. Fire Gamer says


  46. king Martial MP says

    This pub is really great, footbull galactic. If you are just from seing it like me, gi the like

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