Giant DIY Foods Challenge / We Made Giant Pringle’s


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Making Giant Candy / DIY Giant M&M’s / Giant Hubba Bubba
Are you ready for something unexpected? Today we will impress you with giant recipes! We’ve made giant Pringle’s!! It’ll be very cool, belive us)

1. Maxi KFC
● 6 pounds of chicken legs
● 6 pounds of chicken wings
● 14 pounds of turkey
● 2 oranges
● 1 ounce of salt
● 2 ½ ounces of soy sauce
● 3 pounds of wheat and corn flour
● smoked paprika
● ground cayenne pepper
● 14 pounds of vegetable oil

● fresh juice from one orange
● 25 ounces of canned peeled tomatoes
● 2 peeled apples
● ¾ ounce of spicy chilli pepper without seeds
● ¾ ounce of salt
● ¼ ounce of paprika powder
● ½ ounce of sugar
● 1 ounce of honey
● 1 ¾ ounce of soy sauce
Chop turkey into even slices. For the marinade squeeze fresh juice from orange, add salt, soy sauce, and mix it well. Fill a syringe with the marinade and spritz it into the meat.
Bake chicken legs and wings in an oven using a blow mode for 30 minutes on each side at 480 degrees.
For the breading use wheat and corn flour. Add smoked paprika and pepper. Dip turkey into the flour and water twice.
Heat up a pan to 340° F with 14 pounds of vegetable oil. Deep fry the turkey till you get golden crust.
For the sauce process in a blender tomatoes, hot chilli pepper, paprika powder, dried tomatoes, salt, honey, and soy sauce. Bring it to boil along with fresh juice and sugar. Cook for 20 minutes so the flavors mingle.

2. Maxi Pringles
● 13 pounds of potatoes
● 3 pounds of flour
● 10 eggs
● 2 tablespoons of turmeric
● 2 tablespoons of ground smoked paprika
● half a cup of salt
● 25 ounces of cheese
● 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
Cook unpeeled clean potatoes till they are ready. Then peel them. Process in a blender to get a puree. Add eggs, flour, salt, turmeric, and paprika, mix it. Pour in vegetable oil. Separate a ball from the mass which is about 7 ounces. Knead it. Grate cheese onto the dough and mix it again. Roll out a thin layer and cut off the uneven edges, put it into boiling oil. Fry on both sides.

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