1. Tristan Jass says

    100,000 likes and WE WILL do a PART 2! 👵

  2. Cool King says

    Look at the dog 🐕 8:00 😂

  3. Hunter Griffis says

    Was clearly fake

  4. FN Montage says

    Thanks my grandmother

  5. YsN Sw4Z says

    What a coincidence me watching the vid at 3 pm

  6. Dekari And Daja says

    “Thick ah to granny” 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. BargSlarg says

    I’m starting to think that’s not an actual old lady

  8. e como says

    Alguem de brasil

  9. Nash Bentler says

    i know a good game tristan jass vs professor

  10. Franco Vicente says

    Jass no covid there???

  11. Christian Angulo says

    Come to jersey, see what happens…

  12. gallito master says

    Im disappointed that cash didn't react to this

  13. BigBody Benz says


  14. BigBody Benz says

    “Sponsored by Pepsi”

  15. EzClapzSolo says

    Like below if he should be spiderman next!

  16. Maddie&KenKen 2x says

    “ thicc asl to “😭😭😭

  17. mussie tesfay says

    Please do part 2

  18. AstroIqxz死 says

    Who said grandma's can't play basketball

  19. Channing Leverett says

    Soacil distincing ?

  20. The Chevy Man says

    super cringe vid, this kids gotta stop it

  21. El Mancillas says

    Is it me or dose the grandma play better than tjass

  22. Tyler Rodgers says

    This dude really playing 2k

  23. dexter dec says

    Hey grandma Jass

  24. 3G Bloke says

    bro T be pulling out moves even the professor would be proud of right here

  25. 3G Bloke says

    OMG AUNT MAY IS THAT YOU??Peter Parker been good lately??

  26. shorla shorla says

    space engineers

  27. TGK ICY says

    3:22 AYO

  28. Bruen kynji Calam says

    This grandma is humiliating everyone on the court AHAHHA

  29. Jar Kno says


  30. GHOST T_T says

    Man said u cute ah grams I fw u, u thick ah

  31. Canc Kis,s says

    I never knew it’s was you until the end your send

  32. Ruscian James Ladores says

    Imagine what would have happend when one of the fake breast fell OOF

  33. coll scott says

    yoooo wghen u tossed that underhand….THATS MY SHOT … graaaannny lets gooooo hahahhaahahhaha

  34. Young Lyrix says

    First time i seen granny draggin youngsters at the park😂😂

  35. Bad Vert says

    Reminds me of professor🔒🔒🔒🔒Tristan locked in

  36. Yudelka Gonzalez says

    Bro you were like the best basketball player ever

  37. tomdio4 tomdio says

    Im just tryna figure out why buddy jumped with that man and got BODIED

  38. RTV SWIFT says

    Cash nasty need to react to this lol 😂

  39. cheeto dabrigio says

    Aye that beat at the end hard tho 😅

  40. cheeto dabrigio says

    I’m so fucking weak 😂😂😂😂

  41. JR the God says

    Why are the blackest white guys from wisco, i mean, you, Tyler herro

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